The Links Golf Society.

On Wednesday we traveled to Eastern Star with 8 groups of fine golfers. We were looked after really well again and it’s nice to keep getting away early. The course was in decent condition and I gave everyone an easy day off the yellow tees playing 6100 yards. Today’s winner asked me before leaving this morning if he could have a shot back today as he had lost 3 over the last month… I politely declined and he then went on to shoot 40pts today so he has now lost another 1. Congratulations to Maurice Quaid on his 3rd green jacket now playing off 12 for his last round before leaving us on the weekend.
2nd to 5th place was all decided on a count back with the man in form but again getting a little cut this week was John Pearce with 37pts beating the other man on fire at the minute Andy Kelleher.
4th was Lawrie McBride who beat Jason o Gorman on a count back both with 37pts
The last spot went to my good pal and playing partner Adam Barton who drove the ball unbelievably well today with 35pts
Thanks to Greg Smith for taking over with presentation from Pat now… he was heavily fuelled on Leo so best it was short and sweet 😂
1st – Maurice Quaid – 40pts (13)
2nd – John Pearce – 37pts (30)CB
3rd – Andy Kelleher- 37pts (13)CB
4th – Lawrie McBride – 37pts (18)CB
5th – Jason O Gorman -37pts (12)
6th – Adam Barton – 35pts (16)
Near pins ⛳️
Selwyn Yates
Maurice Quaid
Chris Patrick
Kevin McEntee