On Wednesday we took 9 groups to Greenwood having not been there for sometime. We played A & C and they were both in great condition and the greens were fantastic.
The only thing that lets Greenwood down is their food and drink kiosks.
No Ice at any of them and the drinks not even cold in the fridges!
Not a good service but other than that a good day out.
We had another tight battle for the Jacket today and coming out on top was Mark Effendic with 39pts
2nd place went to the big man Simon Niven with 38pts beating Don Pavlovic on a count back also with 38pts
4th place was the man always in the prizes Pat Lavin who choked on the back 9 today but still had 37pts.
5th was Thierry Petrament with 37pts just losing out to Pat on a count back and the final place was the left handed Irishmen and my great mate Colm Lawlor with 36pts.
We said goodbye to Kev Budge as well… thank you for all you help and generosity with Phil’s Memorial Day you did your friend proud and I loved hearing your stories about the trouble you both used to get in.
Safe trip home pal.
1st – Mark Effendic – 39pts (16)
2nd – Simon Niven – 38pts (18)CB
3rd – Don Pavlovic – 38pts (18)
4th – Pat Lavin – 37pts (10)
5th – Thierry Petrament- 37pts (9)
6th – Colm Lawlor – 36pts (13)
Near pins ⛳️
Thierry Petrament
Jason O Gorman
Stu Kidd
Lee Smith