What an incredible turnout to honour and remember our great friend.

People from all around the world came together as friends to show that Phil’s memory will always live on.

We all know how kind, generous, funny and caring he was so it was very fitting that people showed this today to make the day so special.

I want to thank everyone that made the effort to be there and also the people who couldn’t make it but sent lovely messages and even donated prizes!

We had 80 golfers take on Bangpakong to see who would become the first ever winner of this special day.

I had the pleasure of playing with todays winner and he is a great friend of mine and he was very close with Phil so it was a perfect end to the day

Today’s winner was Pat Lavin with a great round finishing with 41pts!

Pat has been a massive help at the Links and has taken on the roll of doing presentations which are tough boots to fill as Phil was so great at it and could entertain a crowd with his charm and humour but he’s doing a great job and you old pal would be proud of you.

I want to thank Kev Budge for getting up and sharing your stories about Phil … you have known him since you were 15 and the laughs you have had over the years are hilarious.

You did him proud and I’m glad I got to hear the tales.

Thank you to Joy for the food, entertainment and prizes we all know how tough today was for you but you still smiled and made everyone feel welcome as you always do.

Everyone is proud of you ❤️

Thanks to the Links staff you did an amazing job with so many people there.

I will do a separate post to thank everyone who kindly donated money or prizes to make the day so special.

The whole day and night was a great success and it was nice to catch up with people we’ve not seen for a while. Thank you everyone it was an honour to be part of it ❤️⛳️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


A flight

1st – Paul Tudor – 39pts (0) CB

2nd – John Doyle – 39pts (9)

3rd – Phil Ashton – 37pts (7)

4th – Garry Barker – 34pts (4) CB

5th – Tony Cliff – 34pts (9)


B Flight

1st – Pat Lavin – 41pts (11) CB

(Memorial Day champion)

2nd – Colm Lawlor – 40pts (11) CB

3rd – Simon Niven – 40pts (18)

4th – Maurice Quaid – 39pts (13) CB

5th – Tony Browne – 39pts (18)


C Flight

1st – Shiner – 41pts (26)

2nd – Ron Wilcox 39pts (30)

3rd – JJ Harney 38pts (22)

4th – Keith Griffith 37pts (19) CB

5th – John Pearce 37pts (33)


Near Pins ⛳️

Paul Tudor x2

Alondo Brewington

John Doyle

Longest Putt – Kev Le bar

Longest Drive – Glen Ellesworth

Best Gross – Paul Tudor – 69

Worst score – Malc Pritchard 11pts