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            The third playing of the Ryder Cup between the Bravehearts and the Hackers was another huge success with 9 groups taking on the challenging A and C nines of Crystal Bay. On behalf of the Bravehearts from Olde Rogues, we would like to thank the Hackers for their excellent participation in what is a true sporting event played in the best fashion.

The previous events have told us that the Hackers are very strong in the leading singles and today was no different. It was important therefore for the Bravehearts to do well in the fourballs which they did and took a 12-6 lead into the singles. As was the norm, the Hackers fought back in the leading singles with the exception of match number 1 which saw Neil Smith triumph over Stefan Czezowski, (BOP). Stefan returned 42 points which, as it happened, was the largest ever points score not to record a victory as Neil came storming in with 45 points. Although the Hackers won the majority of the first 6 games it wasn’t enough to stop the Bravehearts from eventually triumphing by 20 points to 15.

The winner of the Gold Medal for the best stableford score was Neil Smith.

A special thanks should be made to the management and staff of the Olde Rogues and The Snug for the food that was laid on when we returned.

We are pleased to announce that due to popular demand, we will be adding Fridays to our schedule with the next event being at Pattavia on the 16th.



1st Place Neil Smith (20) – 45

2nd Place Duncan Matheson (28) – 38

3rd Place Russell Blatchford (17) – 36 c/b

4th Place Jean-Louis Goergen (18) – 36

5th Place Garry Chrystal (10) – 35


1st Place Stefan Czezowski (22) – 42

2nd Place Lee Smith (18) – 41

3rd Place Nigel Henson (12) – 39

4th Place John Reps (10) – 38

5th place John Chelo (23) – 37

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A 05 Neil Smith

A 08 Neil Smith

C 04 George Mueller

C 08 Chris Walsh

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