Magic golf society report

We had a fantastic turnout of 18 teams for our St Patrick’s festival scramble at Emerald golf course on Saturday.
We had a shotgun start, with everything running very smoothly.
I want to acknowledge the great help and support we receive from the staff at Emerald Golf course.

We were happy to welcome World snooker champion Ken Doherty to play with us in Saturday’s scramble, also on Saturday night Ken played pool at Magic bar against a number of our members and in doing so he raised many funds for Noodles charity

Also on Saturday night we raised a total of 45,000 baht for Noodles Charity, the vast majority of the funds were raised through the proceeds of a raffle for a Samsung flip phone, which was very kindly donated to the society by Todd and Nok Givens
The lucky winner of the phone was Jez Lees
Congratulations Jez!!

Before the presentation on Saturday, Bo and her catering staff served up a fabulous buffet to all our golfers, a big thank you to Bo and the girls for all the hard work
I want to also acknowledge the great effort Mark puts into making the scramble the success that it is
Thank you Mark!

Our next Scramble will be on the 20th of April at Emerald golf club
Please start sending me your teams ASAP

I want to say a big big thank you to everyone who played and supported our scramble
As you are aware we run all our Scrambles as a charitable event supporting Noodles charity and the wonderful work she does for the less fortunate in our community
I am happy to say that our scrambles have now raised over 120,000 baht for Noodles charity
Thank you once again for your great support

Here are the results from Saturday

Long Drive winners
Don Smalley
Ken Price
Shaun Pullen

Near pins winners
Nok Givens
Ken Price
Don Hackey X2
Peter Davies
John Anderson
Lyndon Armstrong
Neil Decker

5th place 59.4 net
Patrick Dunkley
Paul Gill
Bobby Driggs

4th place 59.4 net
Mark Lowe
Rocky Jones
Peter Davies
Steve Halford

3rd place 59.1 net
Tony Gavaghan
Jeff North
Auke Engelkes

2nd place 57.6 net
Chris Hart
Neil Decker
Don Hackey
Micheal Floeth

1st place 57.2 net
Christie Knight
Graham Beaumont

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