Magic Golf Report.

Despite the very rainy start to the day we had a good turnout at Pattavia on Saturday last 29th of June

Thankfully shortly after we teed off the rain dissipated and it turned out to be a very pleasant day
Mind you the greens were a tad slow, which is something we do not say to often about the Pattavia greens

The winner on the day was May with a great score of 39 points, and it was a real day for the ladies as Pearwa finished runner up with 38 points

On Wednesday we play at Silky Oaks, and on Saturday we are at Pleasant Valley

Here are Saturday’s results

2s club – no winner
Carries over to Wednesday at Silky Oaks

3rd place – Dave Wavie
37 points

Runner up – Pearwa
38 points

Winner – May
39 points

Congratulations to all the winners 🏆🎉🏆

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