1st Paul Davies (32) – 35 points

2nd Tony Gust (8) – 32 points

 Thursday  28th December 2023


 1st  Willem Lasonder (32) – 36 points

 2nd Maurice Paradis (16) – 36 points

 In the last week of the year, we started with 4 groups on Tuesday at Pattavia. It was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze and not too warm. The course was in good condition and the greens were as always difficult.

It was an exciting game especially to find the runner up. Paul Davies played very consistent and had good straight drives. He was the undisputed winner with 35 stable ford points. We had 4 players with 32 points, but Tony Guest became the runner up on the count back.

The near pins were for Neil Harvey and Sam Jeffery.

For our last game of the year on Thursday we went to the Emerald. It was again a bright sunny day with a strong breeze in the morning, slowing down after noon. The course was in good condition. The greens were a little bit slow, but good.

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Willem Lasonder and Maurice Paradis fought for the win. Both came in with 36 stable ford points and Willem won on the count back.

Tony & Paul 2 26122023

The near pins were for Robert Charbonneau and Allan Cassin