MABPRACHAN GOLF SOCIETY Weekly Golf Report on Tuesday 6th February 2024

Tuesday 6th February 2024



1st Bob Edwards(12) – 40 points

2nd Sam Jeffery (16) – 40 points

Thursday  8th February 2024


Pleasant Valley

1st  Mick Bryan (13) – 39 points

2nd Steve Sturley (24) – 38 points

3rd Neil Harvey (19) 36 points


On Tuesday we went to Plutaluang where we the North & West loop played. We had 4 groups today and enough challenges. The course was in good condition and the sun was shining. A nice breeze took care for cooling.

It was an interesting day with good scores. Nevertheless, two of us were ahead of the rest. Bob Edwards and Sam Jeffery came in with equal results 40 points and both had 20 on the front and the back nine. On the count back won Bob due to Sam’s birdy on hole 10.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery, Keith Timmis, Allan Cassin and Bob Edwards.

The spoon was for Mike Malott


On Thursday was our venue Pleasant Valley. We had a good turnout again with 17 players. The course was in reasonable condition, but very wet on some places. Again, nice weather, maybe little bit too warm for our walkers.

It was again an interesting competition with many decent scores. We had 3 players on the top, but just one can win. Returning to MyBar we could already guess who the winner was. We rarely such a big smile on a face. And it was the smile of Mick Bryan. He won with 39 stable ford points. Steve Sturley was the runner up with 38 points and Neil Harvey was third with 36 points.

For one couple was the return to MyBar a long way. They worried 15 friends and just before we want to call the police they returned.


The near pins were for Mick Bryan and Tony Chetland.

The spoon was for Seamus Oconnor

Bob & Sam 2 06022024