Tuesday 5th March 2024


Treasure Hill

 1st Robert Charbonneau (15) – 40 points

 2nd Sam Jeffery (15) – 35 points


Thursday  7th March 2024



 1st  Max Gordon Vroom (18) – 37 points

 2nd Robert Charbonneau (16) – 35 points


Robert’s week


On Tuesday we went to Treasure Hill. It was a long tim ago, that we played there.

It was good to see Joop Bijsterbosch back in our group.

We were curious how the course would be. The condition of the course was very good. But the course is always a challenge with all the trees on the fairways. The greens were in very good condition. It was nice weather and a little bit cloudy.

The most of us had a difficult day to come around. Robert Charbonneau predicted that he was on the way back to proper golf. It cost him some time to get used to the Thai conditions. But now he was there and showed a consistent game and won with 40 points. Second was last week topper Sam Jeffery with 35 points.

Unfortunately, Allan Cassin slipped on the course and had to give up. We hope his hand will be recovered soon.

Paddy missed some routine the last weeks and received the spoon.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery, Seamus Oconnor and Robert Charbonneau.

On Thursday was our venue Plutaluang, where we the North & West loop played., We welcomed a few new players Booncheay, Gordon de Wynter and Gerry Roche.

The course was in good condition. The weather was nice with a breeze. But the course is not easy and the results were not spectacular.

Today was Max Vroom the man of the day. He had a very good front nine and kept going on the back. He won with 37 points. Runner up was Tuesday’s winner Robert Charbonneau with 32 points.

Unfortunately, was the spoon today for Tho Schroeder.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery. Max Vroom and Seamus Oconnor.