Tuesday 27th February 2024


 1st Sam Jeffery (18) – 41 points

 2nd Robert Charbonneau (17) – 37points

 3rd Maurice Paradis (22) – 37 points


Thursday  29th February 2024

 Eastern Star

 1st  Sam Jeffery (14) – 37 points

 2nd Maurice Paradis (18) – 32 points


Sam Jeffery’s week

 On Tuesday we went with 4 groups to Greenwood, where we the B & C loop played. It was in the morning a little bit foggy, but later the weather was nice. Nevertheless, you can feel that we entering the hot and wet season.

The course was in good condition. The grass on the fairways was very short, but still good.

The B & C loop is not easy, but we had some good results. The star was today, Sam Jeffery. He played very consistent and won with 37 stable ford points. The second place was a battle between the Canadian friends Robert Charbonneau and Maurice Paradis. Robert became the runner up with 37 points, beating Maurice on the count back.

Saul was our guest player today and first time Greenwood for him. He couldn’t unfortunately avoid the spoon.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery, Seamus Oconnor and Paddy Devereux.

On Thursday was our venue Eastern Star. It was long time ago we played here and were curious about the condition of the course. We were not disappointed, although the course was very dry. The price of this course is however disappointing.

Sam Jeffery proofed again today that he is in a good form. Nobody could touch him and he won with 37 stable ford points. Runner up was Maurice Paradis with 32 points.

Steve Sturley did his best to avoid the spoon, but unfortunately, he got it.

The near pins were for Allan Cassin, Mark Bromwich and Maurice Paradis.