Tuesday 20th February 2024

Mountain Shadow

1st Chantal (21) – 34 points

2nd Wendy Chetland (21) – 33 points

3rd Max Gordon Vroom (16) – 33 points


Thursday  22nd February 2024


1st  Tony Chetland (26) – 41 points

2nd Neil Harvey (26) – 40 points




On Tuesday we went with 4 groups to Mountain Shadow. We had 1 guest player, Chantal from the Netherlands. We didn’t know during the morning coffee, that it would become a special day. It was a nice sunny day and the course was in reasonable condition.

Many of us had problems with the trees on the course. This implied that there weren’t high scores. There developed an interesting scramble between our 2 ladies and Max Vroom. What never happened before in our group a winning lady and today the prices were for the ladies. Chantal won with 34 stable ford points. Runner up was Wendy Chetland with 33 points, beating Max Vroom on the count back.


The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Wendy Chetland and Robert Charbonneau.

The spoon was for Maurice Paradis.


On Thursday was our venue the Pattavia. We had again 4 groups. Th weather was nice with a strong breeze. The course and greens were in good condition. Although putting here is not for everybody easy.

We had scrambles at the top and the bottom of the field. At the top Tony Chetland and Neil Harvey were in strong competition. Mick Bryan tried to follow but missed his chance on the last hole. Tony was the man of the day with 41 stable ford points. Runner up was Neil Harvey with 40 points.

The struggle for the spoon was between Max Vroom and Mark Bromwich. Max got the spoon, because Mark had 1 point more on the back nine.


The near pins were for Tony Chetland, Robert Charbonneau and Mick Bryan.