Tuesday 19th December 2023 

Mountain Shadow 

1st Allan Cassin (13) – 36 points 

2nd Neil Harvey (20) – 32 points 

Thursday  21th December 2023 

Crystal Bay 

1st  Allan Cassin (12) – 44 points 

2nd Bob Edwards (10) – 36 points 

Allan’s week 

This week we played on Tuesday on Mountain Shadow. We had a good turn out and played with 3 groups. It was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze. The course was in good condition except the bunkers. It was an enjoyable day.

Allan Cassin was in good shape and nobody could follow him. He won with 36 stable ford points. Runner up was Neil Harvey with 32 points.

The near pins were for Bob Edwards, Robert Charbonneau and Sam Jeffery.

On Thursday we should go to Treasure Hill, but we changed to Crystal Bay because 4 holes on Treasure Hill were closed. It was again a nice sunny day. We were happy to see Patrick Devereux again and welcomed also Wendy and Tony Chetland.

The course was in reasonable condition.

Allan Cassin must have been motivated by his good result of Tuesday ion the neighbor course. Nobody could follow him and he played perfect today. He came in with 44 stable ford points. Bob Edwards was second with 36 points.

Unfortunately, was Sam Jeffery just 10 cm short of a hole-in-one.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery, Bob Edwards, Max Vroom and Allan Cassin.

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