Tuesday 26th March 2024


 Winner low hcp’s Allan Cassin (14) — 40 points

 Winner high hcp’s Seamus Oconnor (30) – 40 points


Thursday  28st March 2024

 Silky Oak

 1st  Steve Sturley (23) – 36 points

 2nd Allan Cassin (10) – 35 points


Good results at Greenwood

 On Tuesday we went to Greenwood, where we the A & C loop played. It was a beautiful day little bit overcast and not too hot. The course was in a perfect condition with true greens and nice fairways. It promised to become a good day.

We played in 2 groups divided by the handicaps. It had a good effect on the concentration of everybody. And remarkable the results in both groups were the same. And everybody played today at least his handicap.

In the low handicappers was Allan Cassin the best with 40 stable ford points.

In the high handicappers was Seamus Oconner the best with also 40 points.

After that is there always an exciting moment who wins the spoon. After many counts back calculation we could present the spoon to Maurice Paradis.

The near pins were for Seamus Oconnor (2X), Bob Edwards and Maurice Paradis.


On Thursday was our venue Silky Oak. Since long time we had only a small group. It was a special, because our Canadian friends decided to go back home next week, so the last day for a chance to win. And Silky Oak is a challenging course for competition.

It was again a nice day and the course was in good condition. Again, a day that everybody played well and the differences were small.

Steve Sturley was the man of the day and winner with 36 points. Runner up was Allan Cassin with 35 points.

Bob Edwards had the spoon this time.

The near pins were for Allan Cassin, Gary Lees, Robert Charbonneau and Maurice Paradis.

The near pins were for Allan Cassin, Maurice Paradis and Bob Edwards.

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