Tuesday 17th October 2023


 1st David Lyons (24) – 36 points

 2nd Bob Edwards (12) – 32 points

 3rd Allan Cassin (14) – 32 points

 4th David Lea (20) – 32 points

Bob & David 2 17102023

 Thursday 19th October 2023


 1st Willem Lasonder (36) – 39 points

 2nd Allan Cassin (14) – 39 points

  On Tuesday we went to Plutaluang, where we played East and South. Again, afraid for the rain was not necessary. It was an overcast day, but we kept it dry and the sun stayed behind the clouds. After all the rain was the course still in an acceptable condition. We had some guest players in our group today and they had a good experience on the Navy course.

It was the day of David Lyon. He is playing already many years with us but always out of the price money. But today he strokes us all with a consistent play and 36 stable ford points. The battle was for the second place. Bob Edwards was the lucky one beating Allan Cassin and David Lea on the count back.

The near pins were for Steve Carroll, Dave Lea and Max Vroom.

On Thursday we went to Pattavia. It was the same as Tuesday, dark sky and threatening clouds. But we were lucky again the rain didn’t come and the sun waited until hole 10. And from that moment it was very hot. The course was in very good condition. We all liked the solid grass on the fairways.

It was the day of Allan Cassin and Willem Lasonder. They played both consistent, but Willem just a little bit better on the back nine. Both came in with 39 points, but Willem’s back nine was better.

The near pins were for Jonathan Pratt and Willem Lasonder.