Golf tournament of Magic Bar at the Emerald golf course.

A fantastic turn out yesterday of 18 teams for our February Scramble
It was a really enjoyable day for all involved
A big thank you to Bo and staff for the wonderful job they did hosting the event at the Emerald golf club.
To the new people who joined us yesterday you are very welcome and we look forward to seeing you again
A big thank you to all our regulars for turning up and supporting the Event
The course was in good condition with the greens proving to be rather tricky
However that did not prevent the scoring from being hot, as the winners shot a net 56.5

Our next scramble is the ST Patrick’s ☘ weekend event and it will take place at Emerald on Saturday 16th of March
It promises to be a really good event, so start thinking about your teams, and send them to me ASAP

Here are yesterday’s results

Long drive winners
Ben Walter
Max Russell
Danny Mooney

Near pin winners
Andy grange
Robert charbonneau
Ricky roberts
Greg courts
Peter Davies

5th place

4th place
Lumpy Russell
Max Russell
Richard Steadman
Maurice Simmons

3rd Place
Bob Pearse
Shaun Pullen
James Large
Simon Philbrook

Runners up
Gerry Conway
Charlie Murray
Mark Lowe
Todd Givens

Maurice Paradis
Robert Charbonneau
Mike Mallott
Sam Jeffrey

That’s back to back wins for the 4 lads

A big congratulations to all the winners

Looking forward to our next scramble on St Patrick’s weekend

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