Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week

Monday, February 5th

Greenwood B & C.

1st Roger Tuohy 44 points

2nd Daryl Vernon 39 points

3rd Paul Anderson 38 points

4th Bil Richardson 36 points

5th Tony Robbins 35 points

6th Graham Davis 35 points

Near pins Daryl Vernon, Brendan Harnett, & Bil Richardson.

Despite a number of absentees we still had a good roll-up of thirty-three for today’s game at Greenwood where we played the B & C nines. As always the course was in fine condition, the day was very hot and with little wind to cool things down fatigue became an issue for the walkers. For some mysterious reason, the green fee was up on last week with no reasonable explanation forthcoming from the staff and is expected to stay up for the month. Curious how mid-high-season a course would increase its green fees, something we haven’t seen before

The vagaries of golf were on full display today with the winner Roger Tuohy a full twenty points better than his last outing, apparently, he had a magic day with the putter to record a score of forty-four points, an excellent score by any measure. Daryl Vernon’s score of thirty-nine was not too shabby either, enough to earn him a second place. Paul Anderson took third with thirty-eight points, two ahead of Bil Richardson in fourth place. Never out of the frame lately, Tony Robbins took fifth on countback from Graham Davis. One near pin went delinquent with the other three going to Daryl Vernon, Brendan Harnett, & Bil Richardson.


Wednesday, February 7th

Treasure Hill,

The Memorial.

1st Ross Schiffke (24) 36 points

2nd Roger Tuohy (14) 35 points

3rd Gary Smith (8) 35 points

4th John Hughes (23) 34 points

5th Paul Smith (2) 34 points

6th Daryl Vernon (18) 32 points

Near pins Ross Schiffke, Gary Smith, & Phil Mashiter X 2

1st Team, The Originals, John Hughes, Colin Greig, Paul Smith, & Geoff Parker

2nd Team, Cooneys Cronies, Gerry Cooney, Gary Smith, Geoff Atwell, & Michael Brett

3rd Team, Rogers Rebels, Roger Tuohy, Keith Hemmings, Tom McMurray, & Raleigh Gosney.

Four years have elapsed since we last held a Memorial Competition with a combination of COVID  lockdowns, travel restrictions, and lack of numbers all conspiring to halt the competition. This year it was back again bigger and better than ever with a total of thirteen teams of four participating. The venue, Treasure Hill was a stern test, and with the best three scores counting towards the team score, everybody had to be on their toes and make a contribution to their respective team. Six individual places were on offer as well as the first three teams’ places, near pins were also keenly contested.

As is always the case at Treasure Hill nobody overpowered the course with thirty-six points being the top score going to the Memorial winner Ross Schiffke. Roger Tuohy edged out Gary Smith on countback for second place both with thirty-five points. Likewise a countback for fourth and fifth with John Hughes taking it from Paul Smith. Daryl Vernon rounded out the winner’s list in sixth with thirty-two points. Since his recent ace Phil Mashiter can’t stop taking near pins, today he took two, the others going to Ross Schiffke and Gary Smith. In the team competition, the Originals took it narrowly from Cooneys Cronies, to be fair if his partners had offered a bit more assistance to Gary Smith who carried his team then they would have taken it, although Gerry did get a five-pointer on the difficult fifth hole.

Back at the bar, it was bulging at the seams with a full house in attendance and a great time had by all. The club provided a range of free food and a round of drinks to help the mood along. We raised a glass for the departed in whose memory the competition is held, with the success of this year’s event no doubt it will only grow from here, hopefully, we won’t have to add any more names to the trophy for a while.


Friday, February 9th

Crystal Bay.

1st Ken Davidson (26) 42 points.

2nd Kob Glover (15) 38 points

3rd Mike Milland (20) 38 points

4th Brendon Harnett (19) 37 points

5th Michael Brett (18) 37 points

6th Dave Galvin (23) 35 points

Near pins Kob Glover, Colin Greig, & Paul Smith X 2.

A very windy day for the last game of the week at Crystal Bay where we had a modest field of twenty-five on hand, a big change from Wednesday when we had fifty-two players. Despite another society out ahead of us we got away early and finished the round without any delays to be back in the clubhouse by 3.00 pm. The course was pretty much as expected at Crystal Bay, dry brown fairways and bunkers that were shambolic, the greens were ok.

As always scores were on the high side again with another excellent round of forty-two from Ken Davidson taking first place. Kob Glover beat Mike Milland on countback for second. Another countback to determine fourth and fifth with Brendan Harnett taking it from Michael Brett. Dave Galvin completed the winners list with thirty-five points. Paul Smith took two near pins with Kob Glover and Colin Greig taking one each.

Despite the shabbiness of the course, most expressed the view that they enjoyed the day and would like to play the course more often although one vowed to never play there again. It’s back to a top-quality course next week with the first game at Bangpakong Riverside before we return to more mundane conditions at Mountain Shadow and Pattavia. The following week we are back to the top shelf with games at Royal Hills, Kabin Buri, and Lotus Valley.


Winner at Greenwood Roger Tuohy.

Memorial winner, Ross Schiffke

Winning team at The Memorial. L t R John Hughes, Colin Greig, Paul Smith, & Geoff Parker.

Ken Davidson, winner at Crystal Bay.

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