Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday November 20th

Monday, November 20th


1st Michael Brett (16) 37 points

2nd Bil Richardson (17) 33 points

3rd Pat Ryan (15) 32 points

4th Greg Berry (16) 32 points

5th Niall Glover (13) 32 points

6th Ronnie Wilson (10) 32 points

Near pins Joe Kirby, Brad Sobel, & Michael Brett X 2.

A magnificent day for golf at Bangpra today, with clear blue skies, mild temperatures, and just a gentle breeze blowing. The course was in very nice condition but just about as difficult as ever, downhill putts were particularly challenging. Not a single monkey to be seen for fifteen holes when suddenly on the sixteenth they appeared in great numbers with a host of very young ones.  we thought there may have been a cull, however, if that is the case then the replacements are already in place.

A very even scoreboard today with one stroke separating second to sixth as listed, the winner Michael Brett took the honours with thirty-seven points as well as two near pins. The other near pins went to two newcomers, Joe Kirby, and Brad Sobel. An awkward number of thirty-three meant we had three three-balls out front, who quickly caught up to a five-ball, thereafter the pace of play was retarded a bit but still acceptable.


Wednesday, November 22nd

Eastern Star.

1st Pat Ryan (15) 34 points

2nd Kob Glover (15) 33 points

3rd Keith Smithson (2) 33 points

4th Michael Brett (16) 32 points

Near pins Kob Glover,  Michael Brett, & Keith Smithson X 2.

A smaller group than recent numbers for a variety of reasons, cost, dislike of the course, plus some chose to play elsewhere. A bright, sunny, and warm day to begin with, clouding over and becoming much cooler mid-round only to end up as it began, warm and sunny. The wind which always seems to blow at Eastern Star was there again today and played its part in keeping scores modest.

In only his second game back after four years Pat Ryan was at it again taking first place with thirty-four points, if he keeps this up a stewards inquiry might be called for. Kob Glover took second place edging out Keith Smithson to third. Michael Brett took the final spot on the winner’s board with thirty-two points. Kob and Michael took a near pin each with Keith taking two, curious how all the near pins came from the winner’s circle, the only one missing out was Pat.

Friday, November 24th


1st Craig Dows (6) 37 points.

2nd Paul Smith (6) 36 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 35 points

4th Kob Glover (15) 35 points.

5th Geoff Parker (22) 34 points

6th Ross Schiffke (23) 34 points

Near pins Ross Schiffke, Jim Kurzava, Paul Smith, & Craig Dows.

It’s just two weeks since we have had rain and already the Pattavia course is turning brown. There was huge run on the fairways today which helped but the greens were a very different matter with crazy pin placements, ridiculous slopes, and very quick to boot. Cries of anguish and the occasional expletive could be heard with monotonous regularity, many of those with hair were pulling it out by the end of the round, many were heard to say that they would never play the course again. Some even suggested it should be ploughed in and used to grow more pineapples.

The round started slowly as we were forced to wait for a couple of groups of our northern neighbours who started on the back nine to finish and then play the front nine.

Despite all the difficulties scoring was very decent. Two with dodgy handicaps of six, Craig Dows and Paul Smith, both normally off two or less topped the winner’s list with thirty-seven and thirty-six points respectively. Michael Brett took third with thirty-five points beating Kob Glover on countback. Another countback for fifth and sixth with Geoff Parker edging out Ross Schiffke. The usual suspects Craig Dows and Paul Smith took near pins with the other two going to Ross Schiffke and Jim Kurzava.

The race for golfer of the month is heading for a very tight finish with at least four possible winners, who will it be?

Winner at Bangpra Michael Brett.

Winner at Pattavia Craig Dows.

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