Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday November 13th

Monday, November 13th

Treasure Hill

1st Takeshi Hakozaki (15) 39 points

2nd Kob Glover (15) 37 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 35 points

4th Craig Dows (5) 35 points

5th Keith Norman (15) 35 points

6th Geoff Parker (22) 32 points

Near pins Takeshi Hakozaki, Peter McDonald, Bil Richardson, & Michael Brett.

An excellent high season price of seven-hundred and fifty baht walking is currently the best value golf in Pattaya on a course that is always in good condition, a further eight hundred baht for a cart is less attractive, consequently plenty walkers again today. The high season is well and truly upon us with a field today of twenty-seven on hand. We got a clear run with nobody ahead of us today but some groups were a bit tardy so other groups slipped in between our groups.

Some of the best scoring we have seen anywhere let alone Treasure Hill today with a top score of thirty-nine points going to Takeshi Hakozaki whom we haven’t seen for several years at the Bunker. Second place went to Kob Glover with thirty-seven points. A three-way split for third, fourth, and fifth all on

thirty-five points as listed, with Geoff Parker taking the final spot on the leaderboard with thirty-two points. All the near pins were taken as you might expect from a field of twenty-seven, going to Bil Richardson, Takeshi Hakozaki, Peter McDonald, and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, November 15th

Greenwood C & B.

1st Alan Sullivan (13) 37 point

2nd Gary Smith (6) 35 points

3rd Paul Smith (5) 32 points

4th Craig Dows (5) 32 points

5th Niall Glover (13) 31 points

Near pins Gary Smith, Kob Glover, & Greg Berry.

Another Game with twenty-four players at Greenwood where we enjoyed/endured a slow round as we followed another society with big numbers.  We just finished at 4.00 pm only to find both restaurants were closed when everyone was hanging out for some refreshment, most disappointing and a big revenue loss for the club. C & B seemed to be the nines we have been allocated recently as was the case again today, it may have been wise to use the A nine in the interests of faster play.

For the most part, scoring was modest, however, Alan Sullivan with a red-hot putter took first place with thirty-seven points. Gary Smith took second two strokes back. A tie for third and fourth where Paul Smith edged out Craig Dows on countback. Niall Glover took the final spot on the winner’s list in fifth with thirty-one points. Only three near pins today going to Kob Glover, Gary Smith, and Greg Berry.

Friday 20th November

Mountain Shadow

1st Geoff Parker (22) 35 points

2nd Keith Smithson (2) 33 points

3rd Michal Brett (16) 32 points

4th Takeshi Hakozaki (15) 32 points

5th Kob Glover (14) 31 points

6th Peter Bottrell (19) 31 points

Near pins Ben Hampton, Roger Awad, Bob Innes, & Gary  Smith.

A full house (36) for the last game of the week at Mountain Shadow. This is the biggest number so far since last high season and the numbers only look to continue to grow. A bright sunny day with quite a strong wind gusting at times didn’t help scoring which was just about par for this course.

Geoff Parker took the honors today with thirty-five points off a very generous twenty-two handicap. As expected Keith Smithson was in the frame taking second place with thirty-three points.  A countback for third and fourth with Michael Brett edging out Takeshi on countback. Also a tie for fifth and sixth place with Kob Glover taking it from Peter Bottrell.  The highlight of the day was a rare eagle on the very difficult par five fourteenth, most are happy to par that hole. Near pins went to Ben Hampton on debut, Roger Awad making a rare appearance, and the two Scots, Bob Innes and Gary Smith.

A1   Takeshi Hakozaki, winner at Treasure Hill.

A2Alan Sullivan, winner at Greenwood.

A3Geoff Parker, winner at Mountain Shadow

A4Ronnie Wilson, captures eagle 🦅 on 14th hole par 5 Mountain Shadow