Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday March 4th

Monday, March 4th

Greenwood C & A.

1st Uwe Jurgensen (30) 41 points

2nd Rob Folland (16) 38 points

3rd Paul McDonald (19) 36 points

4th Doug Conklin (10) 36 points

5th Raleigh Gosney (22) 35 points

6th Geoff Parker (21) 35 points

Near pins Craig Dows, Doug Conklin, Uwe Jurgensen, & Robby Watts.

Despite being late in high season numbers are holding up well at the Bunker, today we had a field of thirty-five for the game at Greenwood where we got to play the C nine again combined with the A nine.

With dark clouds and thunder rumbling around it looked inevitable that we would get a drenching and a few drops of rain fell, luckily we got through dry, not only that most made it to the restaurant before the 4.00 pm close so refreshments were taken prior to the drive back to Pattaya. Recent Met Office reports suggest that we may not be so lucky next time as we are in for a period of thunderstorms.

Uwe Jorgensen had a day to remember taking first place with a very fine score of forty-one points, to add to that he got a near pin which was worth winning today. Rob Folland is also in very good form lately taking second on thirty-eight points, countbacks decided the next four places as listed. The three remaining near pins went to Craig Dows, just to show his five hours on the range on Sunday wasn’t a complete waste of time, Doug Conklin and a very close one from Robby Watts in possibly his last game before a trip back to his native Melbourne.


Wednesday, March 6th

Treasure Hill

A Flight

1st Colin Greig (14) 32 points

2nd Danny Miller (10) 31 points

3rd Niall Glover (14) 30 points

B Flight

1st Andy Winterburn (17) 34 points

2nd Hubert Stiefenhofer (19) 33 points

3rd Dave Ashman (26) 32 points

Near pins Mike Lloyd, Niall Glover, & Keith Smithson X 2.

For the first time in about five years, the Bunker Boys had two flights with the cut-off set at fifteen. Apart from making extra work for the captain, I’m not sure what if any benefit there was. A field of thirty-three was on hand, a good number for this late in high season.

Treasure Hill proved to be just as difficult today as every other time we play there. To add to the difficulty the course was crowded so a late tee-off followed by a slow round didn’t help scoring and with the wind blowing nobody mastered the course. For the second game in a week, the group was split up so half started on one with the rest starting on ten. Most of the group apart from the winners as listed registered scores in the mid to high-twenties, not great by any measure. We were able to welcome back Keith Smithson and Mike Lloyd who could be in trouble for his carbon footprint if Klaus Schwab gets to know about his airmiles.


Frida, March 8th


A Flight

1st Niall Glover (14) 34points

2nd Eric Black (14) 31 points

3rd Alan Sullivan (13) 29 points

B Flight

1st Bil Richardson (16) 36 points

2nd Anders Nielsen (27) 36points

3rd Geoff Parker (21) 34 points

Near pins Andrew Brewington, Mike Lloyd, Bil Richardson, & Kevin LaBar.

A disrupted day of golf today for the Bunker Boys today. A select group traveled north to play Vintage a proper course, several either chose not to play at all or play with other societies so a group of only twenty-four made it to Pattavia, a course that polarises opinions, either you love it or hate it.

Another society was out ahead of us so a delayed start and a slow round ensued. Even with the reduced number of players on hand it just fell within the limit of where we have two flights. The B flight had the better of the scoring adding to the widely held belief that it is now almost impossible for low handicappers to ever win under the current World handicapping system. One famous case exists in Australia where a two- handicapper hasn’t won at his home course since its introduction, so one might reasonably ask should we always have a two-flight system regardless of the number of players?

Uwe Jurgensen, winner at Greenwood.

Colin Greig, winner at Treasure Hill.

Niall Glover, winner at Pattavia