Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday March 18th

Monday, March 18th

Greenwood C & A

1st Geoff Parker (21) 38 points

2nd Mike Milland (18) 38 points

3rd Frazer Davy (12) 34 points

4th Kob Glover (13) 32 points

5th Tony Robbins (24) 32 points

Near pins Stuart Stammers, & Frazer Davy.

A group of twenty-four made their way to Greenwood for the first game of a new week. Those fortunate enough to be in the early groups got to finish dry, however, the last groups got a good drenching, one always needs a bit of luck in life.

On the subject of luck, our good friend Roger Awad could do with a generous helping at present. Having suffered a stroke last Friday, Roger is now in Bangpra University Hospital undergoing medical treatment and all the Bunker Boys wish Roger a speedy and full recovery.

With the course very quiet we were able to tee off ahead of time and finish early, we even had plenty of time to enjoy a cold one before the restaurant closed. Enjoying a new lease on life Geoff Parker took first place on countback from Mike Milland. Remarkably only two near pins were won going to Stuart Stammers and Frazer Davy, both the long par threes were unclaimed.


Wednesday, March 20th


After the first three holes by the lead group play was abandoned. Most of the group didn’t even get past the clubhouse as rain belted down and the course flooded. Fortunately most got a full refund, those that didn’t got a raincheck, so in recognition of good will by the course we decided to repay them in kind by booking the course again next week.


Friday, March 22nd


A Flight

1st Colin Greig (15) 37 points

2nd  Frazer Davy (12) 36 points

3rd Paul Smith (3) 35 points

B Flight

1st Jimmy Carr (19) 32 points

2nd  Geoff Parker (20) 32 points

3rd Dave Galvin (23) 31 points

Near pins

Mark Hayward, Puk Collinge, Niall Glover, & Paul Smith

A dull overcast day for most of the round when once again we got hit with rain on the closing holes, whilst the courses appreciate the rain, players very soon tire of it,

Possibly the last over twenty field today as our numbers are dwindling rapidly, several more departures this weekend. Once again we got away ahead of time and finished early with most back in Pattaya by about 4.00 pm.

In a rich vein of form lately Colin Greig took the honours again today with twenty -three points, a thirty-seven point total can anyone stop him winning golfer of the month? only three games to find out. One thing is for sure a handicap cut is coming. After about three weeks away Jimmy Carr made a return today and took first in the B flight,

Winner at Greenwood Geoff Parker

B flight winner at Pattavia, Jimmy Carr.