Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday March 11th

Monday, March 11th


A Flight

1st Colin Greig (15) 36 points

2nd Alan Sullivan (13) 35 points

3rd Paul Smith (3) 34 points

B Flight

1st Dave Galvin (23) 36 points

2nd John Hughes (22) 35 points

3rd Hubert Stiefenhofer (19) 35 points

Near pins Richard Snellen, Mick McMahon, Anders Nielsen, & Robby Watts.

Bangpra made it back onto our playing roster after several months out of the picture. Some peculiar things happen at this course, a really curious one is that despite the whole group being at the course and nobody waiting to play ahead of us we were forced to wait until some appointed time before we could check-in. The logic of this escapes us, one could understand if groups had been booked in ahead of our scheduled tee time, but this did not appear to be the case.

Numbers continue to hold up well, today we had thirty players which is high for this time of year, so once again we had two flights. Curiously scores were almost identical for both groups. Another curious fact today with half the winners living in the same building, is there something we should know about or is it just coincidence?

An ongoing issue at the course is the monkeys who continue to raid golf carts usually in pursuit of food, but anything such as wallets, phones, drinks bottles etc are at risk so it’s prudent to either leave a caddy on guard or carry valuables on your person.

After a very protracted process we are finally able to identify the February golfer of the month which turns out to be Roger Tuohy.  Roger was locked together on equal points with Kob Glover so it went to a countback and with Roger having one more win for the month than Kob he was declared the winner. After twenty years playing at the Bunker Boys albeit on month-long stints this was Rogers first ever golfer of the month win, well done Roger.


Wednesday, March 13th

Mountain Shadow.

A Flight

1st Colin Greig (15) 37 points

2nd Keith Smithson (2) 34 points

3rd Stuart Stammers (14) 33 points

B Flight

1st Geoff Parker (20) 31 points

2nd Hubert Stiefenhofer (19) 30 points

3rd Dave Ashman (26) 30 points

Near pins Craig Dows, Tony Robbins, Sam Reid, & Kob Glover.

Light rain fell as we exited the clubhouse to commence our game today and gradually got heavier necessitating a forty-five-minute delay before starting our round, even as we started light rain was still falling. It wasn’t deemed necessary to implement the pick, clean, and place rule. Twenty-eight was a decent number for a course that is not to everybody’s likeing.

It’s hard to remember a course with so many dogs and some had been gainfully employed digging holes in bunkers and greens, the tenth green in particular got a good workover with about two square yards totally destroyed.

Back-to-back wins for Colin Greig means that he is likely to get cut for his next round. Hubert Stiefenhofer is also in good form and hovering in the shadows.

We are pleased to announce that the Bunker Boys website is finally up and running after a delay of about three months, we urge all members to make full use of this facility where they can find anything they need to know about the Bunker Boys e.g. playing roster, weekly reports, proposed away trips, gallery etc. Some tidying up is still required before its the finished product but we are at a good starting point. To access the site go to



Friday, March 15th

Khao Kheow C & A.

1st Dave Ashman (24) 34 points

2nd Kob Glover (13) 34 points

3rd Geoff Williams (28) 32 points

4th Gary Smith (7) 32 points

Near pins Sunny Khanna, Kob Glover, & Geoff Williams X 2.

Due to a mass exodus back to the UK and Australia in recent days, our numbers were greatly reduced, hence we were back to one flight again. Another issue was that several members view Khao Kheow prices as being not particularly good value and took the day off. A field of nineteen is just about the right number for this time of year.

It’s been a while since we were last at Khao Kheow so some were looking forward to getting back there again. Nobody excelled today with scores on the modest side as listed above.

Controversy never seems too far from the Bunker Boys of late and this was the case again today. A couple of players took a very freewheeling approach to the rules of golf and the Bunker Boys charter and played off the non-designated tees resulting in some robust discussion at the bar. A simple solution is for everybody to adhere strictly to the rules. One member, in desperate need of a Valium sandwich, walked out in disgust, hopefully, in the cold light of day he will reconsider and return to the warm embrace of the Bunker Boys.

Unfortunately we got some bad news to start the day. Our esteemed colleague and Facebook administrator Roger Awad had a mishap in his home resulting in hospitalisation, we are unsure at this stage how serious his situation is, as news comes to hand we will pass it on to the membership. We echo the flood of well wishes he has received and hope for a speedy and full recovery.


Winner’s of A & B flights Dave Galvin & Colin Greig.

February Golfer of the Month Roger Tuohy.

Dave Ashman, winner at Khao Kheow.