Bunker Boys Golf report for the week commencing Monday June 24th

Monday, June 24th

Khao Kheow C & A.

1st Rob Folland (15) 39 points

2nd Michael Brett (17) 33 points

3rd Niall Glover (13) 31 points

Near pins Sunny Khanna, Michael Brett, & Alan Sullivan X 2

As the B nine is out of play for major renovations we were again allocated the C & A nines. Neither nine were in as good condition as we have come to expect although they were still in decent condition.

A modest field of fourteen was on hand, several locals chose to sit out this one for some reason. Once again it was a bit windy which added to the challenge of the course.

Rob Folland set a cracking pace with twenty-five points on the front nine, a more modest return on the back was still enough to see him take first place with thirty-nine points. Six back Michael Brett took second place with another fade out after a purple patch mid round with six consecutive pars. Niall Glover took third with thirty-one. Alan Sullivan dominated the near pins taking two with one each to Sunny Khanna and Michael Brett.

A couple of away trips are being proposed for the coming months so any of our regular overseas guests planning a visit should keep abreast of developments.

With two games remaining there are three still in the race for golfer of the month which will be decided on Friday, so it’s still all to play for.


Wednesday June 26th


1st Craig Dows (6) 36 points

2nd Alan Sullivan (14) 34 points

3rd Uwe Jorgensen (29) 33 points

4th Jay Babin (29) 33 points

Near pins Uwe Jorgensen, Jay Babin, & Craig Dows X 2.

Our last game at Parichat for the foreseeable future as the course is about to be closed shortly for major renovations. As far as we could tell the proposed renovations are not going to address some of the major gripes people have about the course, in particular some of the crazy greens . Some of the water catchments have already been drained in preparation  for the work to proceed at speed so hopefully we can get back there before the high season although it looks unlikely.

The course was in very fine condition today, well grassed fairways and reasonable speed greens, the tees were a bit shabby compared to the rest of the course. The wind was up again today, sometimes almost gale force and seldom blowing in our favour. It’s a curious thing how the wind seems to rarely favour us.

For someone who said he doesn’t like the course and would never play it again, Craig Dows seems to have had a change of heart, today he took the honours with thirty-six points to follow his last score of thirty-seven at this course. Alan Sullivan squeezed into second place on thirty-three one ahead of a host of players including Uwe Jorgensen in third and Jay Babin who took fourth on  countback. All the near pins were taken with the winner Craig taking two, the other two went to Uwe Jorgensen and Jay Babin.


Friday June 28th


1st Uwe Jorgensen (29) 42 points

2nd  Witt Mann (14) 41 points

3rd Peter Bottrell (17) 37 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, Murray Greig, & Jimmy Carr.

We were so lucky today to avoid rain, although we got a sprinkle on the front nine. Not too far away lightning flashed and thunder rumbled for most of the round so we were fortunate to not have been affected. We started the last game of the month at Pattavia in overcast but still conditions, it was nice to play without a strong wind for a change.

The course was in decent condition, however the notoriously fast greens were anything but, the slowest anyone can remember, they certainly caught people unawares and took some time to get used to their speed or lack thereof. We started our round ahead of schedule and were back in the clubhouse by 2.30 pm, one of the earliest finishes for some time.

One particular group enjoyed some comic relief watching one of their playing partners find news and different ways to miss puts, no prizes for guessing correctly who the culprit was, if only half the misses went in he would have been in the frame confirming the old adage, “if you can’t put you cant score”.

Every now and then Uwe Jorgensen throws up an exceptional score and today was one of those days with a winning score of forty-two points, one feels a serious cut in handicap might be on the way, either that or a drug test. Witt  Mann took second place also with a very fine score of forty-one points, clearly he was pumped up by Trump’s performance over sleepy Joe in the great debate.Peter Bottrell played it out to the end to take third with thirty-seven points, something good must be happening in his world, we are reliable informed that he didn’t even once throw a club. Tony Robbins, Jimmy Carr, and Murray Greig in his last game of this trip took near pins, the seventeenth was unclaimed.

Tony Robbins rolled back the years with very consistent all month performances to take the golfer of the month trophy, his first in about five years.


Rob Folland, winner at Khao Kheow.

Winner at Parichat, Craig Dows.

Tony Robbins, June golfer of the month.