Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday June 17th.

Monday, June 17th


1st Les Cobban (12) 39 points

2nd Craig Dows (6) 35 points

3rd Alan Sullivan (13) 33 points

Near pins Les Cobban & Craig Dows X 3.

Peace and tranquility has returned to the Bunker after a period of disharmony. Since we were not able to avail of the services of Henry Kissinger we had to resolve the issues for ourselves so we established a more consultative and cooperative way of moving forward which should benefit all Bunker Boys.

Today’s mid month game was played at the monkey course, strangely there were very few monkeys to be seen, some of the caddies claimed they had gone up the hill on holiday, although one was seen raiding a cart on the fifth tee.

The course was in fine condition and with an all-in fee of thirteen hundred and fifty baht was very good value.

Currently in a rich vein of form Les Cobban took the honours with a fine round of thirty-nine points, he also snagged a near pin. Craig Dows took second place with thirty-five points, he managed to monopolise the near pins taking three. Alan Sullivan brought up the rear with thirty-three points.


Wednesday, June 19th

Plutaluang North & West

1st Craig Dows (6) 33 points

2nd Alan Sullivan (13) 32 points

3rd Niall Glover (13) 30 points

4th Michael Brett (16) 30 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, & Alan Sullivan X 2.

Despite several players missing for a variety of reasons from sickness to injury we were able to muster a field of sixteen for the mid-week game at Plutaluang. We hadn’t played the Navy course for some months as it was shabby last time, in the meantime some good rains improved the course markedly, if there was one complaint it was that the greens were slow.

Having endured a number of very slow rounds lately it was a pleasant surprise to play a course in decent time, with all thirty-six holes in play there were no holdups. A flukey wind blew all day making for tricky conditions and this was reflected in the scoring which was of a low standard.

Craig Dows, who was currently running second in the race for golfer of the month jumped into the lead today despite a modest score of thirty-three points. Alan Sullivan took second place one stroke back. Niall Glover took third on countback from Michael Brett who had a Barry Crocker with the putter, four putting two greens. Jimmy Carr and Niall Glover took a near pin each with Alan Sullivan taking two.

Being a member of the Bunker Boys is not  recommended for those of an insecure disposition, once again storm clouds are hovering over the Bunker, all will be revealed in due course.


Friday June 21st

Eastern Star

1st Niall Glover (13) 36 points

2nd Tony Robbins (24) 33 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (19) 32 points

4th Michael Brett (17) 32 points

Near pins Sunny Khanna X 2.

We learned a valuable lesson today for our last game of the week at Eastern Star, never book this course on a Friday. Today we had two societies out ahead of us, one with eight groups, and the other with seven so a slow frustrating round ensued. To add to the misery a very strong wind blew all day making what was already a difficult course even more so.

The course itself was in very good condition, green and well grassed with greens at a decent speed. No discount vouchers were available either at the course or through PSC so the all in fee was sixteen hundred and fifty, a little on the high side given we play Bangpra for three hundred baht less.

Because of the prevailing conditions only Niall Glover was able to post a respectable score taking first place with thirty-six points. Tony Robbins was again in the frame taking second with thirty-three points. Jimmy Carr took third from Michael Brett on countback with thirty-two points. Sunny Khanna took two near pins with nobody on the other two greens.

20220801 184539

Les Cobban, winner at Bangpra.

20230627 154215

Craig Dows, with  his best mate, winner at Navy.

20211115 155418

Niall Glover, winner at Eastern Star.