Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday February 26th

Monday, February 26th

1st Danny Miller (12) 40 points

2nd Michael Brett (18) 39 points

3rd Craig Dows (7) 39 points

4th David Gray (16) 35 points

5th Tommy Sorensen (16) 34 points

6th Roger Tuohy (13) 34 points

Near pins Sam Reid, Rob Folland, & Paul Smith X 2.

Yet another visit back to Greenwood for the second last game of the month where we played the A & B nines. It’s fair to say the course was not at its best today, fairways were surprisingly damp and cut very tight, the greens and bunkers were fine. Tolerance to playing Greenwood and Pattavia every week is wearing thin, next month we are looking to see a bit more variety in our roster.

A field of thirty was on hand today and competition was keen as ever as we close in on the end of month where we find the golfer of the month. Danny Miller had an excellent round to start this trip to Pattaya taking first place with forty points. After months in the doldrums, Michael Brett found something taking second place on countback from Craig Dows. In only his second game with the Bunker Boys, Dave Gray took fourth with thirty-six points. Also in only his second game, Tommy Sorensen took fifth on countback from Roger Tuohy who was playing his last game of this tour. Sam Reid and Rob Folland took near pins once again, both becoming masters of the near pin, needless to say, Paul Smith bagged a brace.

Wednesday, February 28th

Plutaluang North & West.

1st Paul McDonald (19) 33 points

2nd Mike Milland (19) 33 points

3rd Bil Richardson (17) 32 points

4th Gary Bright (11) 31 points

5th Niall Glover (15) 31 points

Near pins Niall Glover, Graham Davis, Frank Dartford, & Danny Miller.

With a group of eight renegades making the trip to Vintage today the number at Plutaluang was reduced to twenty-two.  The North and West nines are generally considered superior to South and West so we opted to play them. We had an unusual occurrence today when we got hit with a very heavy shower which stopped play for about fifteen minutes, it looked threatening from the time we left Pattaya so we should not have been surprised.

The course was not busy so we got away on time and finished early despite the rain delay. Most found the course difficult today and this was reflected in the scoring which was mediocre. Paul McDonald made a breakthrough win today beating Mike Milland on countback, both with thirty-three points. Third, went to Bil Richardson one ahead of Gary Bright who beat Niall Glover on countback for fourth place, There was strong competition for the near pins with several people on two or three greens, however, there can only be one winner per hole and those were Frank Dartford, Graham Davis, Niall Glover, and Danny Miller.

The groups that went to Vintage were so pleased with the course that they booked it again for next week as Pattavia still won’t go away and is on our roster again.

For the first time ever it’s going to take a meeting of the committee to decide the golfer of the month, controversy reigns, what we do know is that it will be decided between Roger Tuohy and Kob Glover.


Friday, March 1st

Royal Lakeside Blue tees.

1st Michael Brett (18) 34 points

2nd Paul McDonald (19) 34 points

3rd Kob Glover (13) 33 points

4th Pat Ryan (15) 33 points

5th Graham Davis (8) 32 points

6th Mike Milland (19 31 points

Near pins Craig Dows, Eric Black, Mab Jiwa, & Puke Collinge.

Despite the higher green fees and longer distance to travel, we had a very good roll-up for the last game of the week at Roral Lakeside which is perhaps the best course on our current roster. It’s rare to get any complaints about the condition of this course as was the case again today, however, the joy was somewhat diluted by the time it took to play the round, five hours and twenty minutes was a bit of an ordeal. Fiver balls were all over the place, one group was even holding a coaching clinic as they played.

The greens although rated at ten felt like they were a whole lot faster and took some time to get used to them. As a consequence, soring was on the low side, two other contributing factors were the wind and the distance played from the blue tees. Who would have thought that thirty-four would be enough to take first place?  Paul McDonald was again in the frame but got pipped on countback by Michael Brett, both on thirty-four points. Kob Glover was one back in third place again beating Pat Ryan on countback. Graham Davis took fifth with Mike Milland rounding out the winner’s list. A few new faces in Eric Black and Puke Collinge took near pins, the other two went to regulars Craig Dows and Mab Jiwa. Mab got stung for a hefty fee so his wife could go onto the course, having to hire a cart and a caddie, hopefully, the caddie didn’t get a tip as it’s a bit of a stitch-up.

Winner at Greenwood Danny Miller.

Winner at Plutaluang Paul McDonald.

Winner at Royal Lakeside, Michael Brett.