Bunker Boys Golf Report 30th October 2023

Monday, October 30th
1st Ross Schiffke (23) 34 points
2nd Jimmy Carr (20) 34 points
3rd Roger Tuohy (15) 31 points
4th Stuart Stammers (😎 29 points
5th Neil Jones (22) 29 points
Near pins, Paul Smith, Roger Tuohy, Craig Dows, & Gary Bright.
A field of twenty was on hand for the last game of October before everything changes on Wednesday with the first game of high season and the implementation of silly prices. We face a tough challenge in the coming months to provide quality courses at value-for-money pricing. Safe to say there will be far less variety than we would like and no doubt many will choose the game they play more carefully than before.
A surprisingly quiet day at Bangpra with lower numbers on the course than we have come to expect, however, it seems a lot of groups choose late tee times so by the close of play the course was much busier than when we began.
Scoring was on the low side again as the course played particularly long. Apart from the bunkers, the course was in fine condition.
Just returned from an extended spell down under Ross Schiffke took first place on countback from the consistent Jimmy Carr. Roger Tuohy took third place with thirty-one points with another countback deciding fourth and fifth between Stuart Stammers and Neil Jones. Near pins went to the usual suspects Paul Smith, & Craig Dows with Roger Tuohy and Gary Bright also joining in.
Yet another day when the weather gods smiled upon us, several times it seemed inevitable that we were in for a drenching with thunder and lightning close by, luckily we escaped again until the drive back to Pattaya.
Leading from the beginning of the month Niall Glover took out the golfer of the month by a margin from Craig Dows.
We end today’s report with news that one of our longstanding and most popular members Ken Elmore is about to undergo some major surgery back in the UK next week. I speak for all Bunker Boys when I say that we wish Ken a successful surgery and a speedy return to good health. It’s been a long, frustrating, and difficult journey for Ken so he deserves to come out the other end with his customary smile and good humour.
Wednesday, November 1st
Khao Kheow B & C
1st Kob Glover (14) 34 points
2nd Niall Glover (12) 32 points
3rd Roger Tuohy (15) 26 points
Near pins Sam Gershon & Kob Glover X 2.
Only half the number we had on Monday for today’s game at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the B & C nines. With the course soft there was no run so it played longer than usual and nobody really came to terms with the conditions resulting in very low scores which is a bit too common of late.
A very embarrassed Roger Tuohy sheepishly took third place with a score of twenty-six points. The rest of the places on the leaderboard went to the Glovers with Niall in second on thirty-two points and Kob taking first place with thirty-four. Once again only three of the four near pins were taken with Sam Gershon taking one and Kob who leads the near pin list by a country mile taking two. A couple more arrivals at the presentation with Mike Lloyd making a return along with Keith Norman.
Friday, November 3rd
1st Brendan Harnett (15) 34 points
2nd Craig Dows (5) 33 points
3rd Kob Glovert (14) 31 points
4th NiallGlover (12) 31 points
5th Tom McMurray (16) 31 points
Near pins Paul Smith, Brendan Harnett, Sam Gershon, & Michael Brett.
The last game of the week was played on a very busy Pattavia course. Twenty-three enrolled for today’s game the biggest number since last high season. Fortunately, we got the faster players out ahead of the pack and they had finished and left the course without any sight of the last group who completely lost touch with those ahead of them. The newly adopted practice of putting the slowest players out last works well except for those following them.
The course was in decent condition with the greens once again more manageable than usual. With cart pricing a bit too high most people chose to walk which was ok as the speed of play was pedestrian. The day became very warm mid-round so a little more fatigue than expected. In his first game since his arrival, Brendan Harnett took first place with thirty-four points. Craig Dows took second a stroke back. A log jam on thirty-one points with three players placed as listed. For a pleasant change, all the near pins were taken today going to Paul Smith, Sam Gershon again, Brendan Harnett, and Michael Brett, no Kob for a change.
Winner at Bangpra, Ross Schiffke.
Kob Glover, winner at Khao Kheow.
Brendan Harnett, winner at Pattavia.
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