Tuesday 16th January 2024

 Mountain Shadow

 1st Mark Bromwich (36) – 39 points

 2nd Alan Edward Eden (29) – 36 points

 Thursday  18th January 2024


1st  Max Gordon Vroom (16) – 40 points

 2nd Allan Cassin (12) – 39 points

 On Tuesday we went to Mountain Shadow with 4 groups. From the clubhouse looked the course inviting with a beautiful view on the first hole. The course was in pretty good condition with nice fairways and a little bit slow greens. As usual was the weather bright and sunny. A nice day of golf was ahead of us.

We had good results, but there is always one the best. And that was Mark Bromwich. He played very consistent and won with 39 stable ford points. Runner up was Alan Edward Eden with 36 points.

The near pins were for Max Vroom, Bob Edwards and Maurice Paradis.

On Thursday was our venue the Emerald. Looking over the course you could have the feeling to be on the savannah with all the yellow grass. Nevertheless, the course was in reasonable condition with some to wet places around the greens. It was again a bright sunny day with a strong breeze. Good for cooling, but sometimes not easy for striking.

It was the day of Max Gordon Vroom. During the drive to the course, he told us that it difficult here to play on the same handicap level as at home in Canada. He wanted to proof that he could do better than his current handicap and with success. H won with 40 stable ford points. Allan Cassin played also a good round and was runner up with 39 points.

The near pins were for Dave Lea, Robert Charbonneau, Max Vroom and Allan


Allan & Max 2 18012023Alan & Mark 2 16012024