Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday November 27th

Monday, November 27th

Greenwood A & B.

1st Kob Glover (15) 39 points

2nd Peter Bottrell (20) 38 points

3rd Robby Watts (12) 38 points

4th Bil Richardson (18) 37 points

5th Alan Sullivan (13) 36 points

6th Jay Babin (27) 35 points

Near pins Peter Bottrell, Robby Watts, Sam Reid, & Kavi Kapilshah.

A new high season record of thirty-nine players for the first game of the week at Greenwood where we played the A & B nines. As always the course was in excellent condition but a strong flukey wind made it difficult for some especially those with a tendency to slice. Two other societies were out in front of us again which meant a finish after 4.00 pm so the restaurant was closed yet again. It’s hard to fathom closing the restaurant so early given so many would patronise it after a game.

Scoring was just about standard or above for this course with Kob Glover taking first place with a well-compiled thirty-nine points. A very good day out for Peter Bottrell taking second place with his best score of this tour so far with thirty-eight points. After a stint back in Melbourne Robby Watts was in form also

with thirty-eight points and looks in good touch for next week’s club championship. Bil Richardson made a return to form with thirty-seven points in fourth place, how he got his handicap to eighteen remains a mystery. Alan Sullivan took fifth place with a solid thirty-six points with Jay Babin taking the final spot on the winners list a stroke adrift. In his first and only game with us, Kavi Kapilshah got himself a near pin with Peter Bottrell and Robby Watts taking one each, and Sam Reid a regular near-pin winner took the final pin.

A timely reminder to all golfers to check their gear after every round. Twice this year golfers didn’t get their rangefinder back from the caddie, both were lucky to get them back after making a special trip back to the course, also caddies have a tendency to forget umbrella covers, drinks flasks, and spare golf balls which are rarely recovered. Remarkably one golfer recently forgot his clubs, could it be attributed to Alzheimer’s?

Wednesday, November 29th

Treasure Hill

1st Tony Robbins (27) 32 points

2nd Niall Glover (15) 30 points

3rd Neil Jones (23) 30 points

4th Dave Ashman (28) 29 points

5thJack Best (11) 29 points

6th Craig Dows (6) 29 points

Near pins Kob Glover, Keith Norman, & Michael Brett X 2.

The last game of November was played at the difficult Treasure Hill Course. A blustery wind made the course just that bit more difficult with nobody coming to terms with either the course or conditions. Another decent early high-season group of twenty-eight was on hand, one golfer felt the speed of play was too slow for him and quit after eleven holes, such is the frustration of high-season golf. A walking fee of seven hundred and fifty baht was excellent value on a course that was in very nice condition.

After an absence of almost three and a half years away from golf for a variety of reasons Tony Robbins recaptured his former glory taking first place albeit with a modest score of thirty-two points. For someone who was toying with the idea of giving up golf, this was just proof if ever required that one should never give up. Niall Glover took second place with thirty points on countback from Neil Jones, both with thirty points. Another countback for the final three places with Dave Ashman, Jack Best, and Craig Dows placed in that order. All the near pins were taken with one each to Kob Glover and Keith Norman, Michael Brett took two.

A come-from-behind win for Kob Glover in the race for golfer of the month, her second for the year.

In recent weeks a few people have managed to move their handicaps to an accustomed higher level than normal, which is being viewed by many with a degree of suspicion, next week’s competition will be very revealing.

December 1st


1st Neil Jones (23) 42 points.

2nd Geoff Parker (23) 37 points.

3rd Sam Reid (11) 36 points.

4th Gerry Cooney (20) 36 points.

5th Richard Baldotto (24) 34 points.

6th Bob Innes (25) 34 points

Near pins Jennifer Bailey  Peter McDonald, Keith Norman, & Alan Sullivan.

Another blustery day for the first game of December at Pattavia, it seems the windy season normally October has come late this year. In current conditions the course is drying out fast and starting to turn brown with bare patches in places, the upside is that there is plenty of run on the fairways. On the flip side, the greens are more difficult than a month ago. A field of thirty-five was a good number even with several regulars missing for a variety of reasons from travelling to avoiding the course which many find frustrating.

An exceptional score of forty-two points saw Neil Jones take first place, a cracking score on this course, may have done some damage to his handicap for next weeks club championship. A full five points back Geoff Parker took second place with thirty-seven points. Sam Reid edged out Gerry Cooney for third place. Another countback for the final two spots on the winners list with Richard Baldotto taking it from Bob Innes. A new lady in the group Jennifer Bailey took the first near pin, Keith Norman, Peter McDonald, & Alan Sullivan took the other three. Friday,

December 1stPattavia.

1st Neil Jones

Winner at Greenwood Kob Glover & Golfer of the Month.

Winner at Pattavia Neil Jones.