Wangjuntr Golf Park

Founded by Mr. Plew Trivisvavet, M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant, Mr.Thep Trivisvavet, Mr. Chalermchai Songsuk and Mr. Kamthorn Trivisvavet, Wangjuntr Golf Park features three one-of-a-kind, golf courses each with eighteen astounding fairways and double memorable greens. Designed by M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant, Mr. Prasert Sukhumanant, Mr. Dumrong Sriprasert, Mr. Piyasak Kasemsant Na Ayuttaya and Mr. Piyachai Kasemsant Na Ayuttaya, unproductive plantation landscapes that encompass old rubber trees, pineapples, sugarcanes and cassavas are reconfigured and converted into a sustainable golf community, while all large trees are preserved and augmented by a well managed reforestation program. Truly for the first time, Thai golf courses are born from great design and construction that calls for genuine love and understanding of golf and Nature.

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