Bangpra Golf Club

Bangpra Golf Club is the one of the oldest golf course in Thailand constructed at the age of Marshal P.Piboonsongkram and Royal Irrigation Department on a total area of 550 rai. Bangpra Golf was transferred to National Lottery Bureau during the age of Marshal Sarit Thanarat. Although Bangpra Golf originally occupied only 9 golf holes, Marshal Sarit assigned Lieutenant General Jitt Suntranon to be responsible for further construction of more 9 golf holes. He also assigned Tourism Authority of Thailand with Lieutenant General Chalermchai Jaruwat, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand at that time, to improve Bangpra Golf. Due to this improvement, Bangpra Golf became well-known and widely accepted from golfers and foreign pro as the challenging golf yard with the most difficult green to putt in Thailand. (The alias of Bangpra Golf in that time was Master Killer Yard) Japanese, in particular, like to play at Bangpra Golf, their favorite golf yard, very much. After Colonel Somchai Hirankij took the position of new Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand, there’re several changes occurred at Bangpra Golf. private companies. Japan Golf Promotion Co., Ltd. had shared investment and improved clubhouse, hotel, and yard layout to become more modern while successfully maintain the distinctive parts of Bangpra Golf which are the pleasant nature and the challenging green to “putt” until 1 January 2005. Then Orbs Inc Company Limited has taken over the business and changed the golf yard’s name to “Bangpra Golf Club”.


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