Worthwhile causes and reputable organizations come high on the list of charitable donations the PSC likes to be involved with.
Scholarships and the world renowned YWCA certainly fit the bill.
Recently the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Centre with the help of service clubs, associations and private citizens handed out more than 700,000 baht in scholarships to 329 students at 57 area schools and Pattaya’s 11 public schools.
The Pattaya Sports Club topped the list of donors with a donation of 195,000 Baht.
On hand representing the PSC were PSC President Peter Malhotra and PSC Charity & Community Service Chairperson, Noi Emmerson.
For a full report of the September 4th presentation please visit courtesy of Pattaya mail.


(l-r) Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn (PBTA), Noi Ennerson (PSC),

Peter Malhotra (PSC), Elfi Seitz and Doris Berger-Peters (Plauder Stunde)

presented scholarships to the students.


Praichit Jetpai, chairwoman of the YWCA receives 195,000 baht
from the Pattaya Sports Club presented by
President Peter Malhotra and Charity Chair Noi Emmerson.

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