PSC and Nigel Oakes help Rakpuan to sleep easier

The Camillian Social Centre in Bang Chang take great care of children living with HIV but Pattaya Sports Club are aware of only one centre in the Pattaya area taking care of those that are beyond school age living with HIV and, sometimes, TB.

When we first made contact with Ban Pak Rakpuan there were 15 people living in two small, claustrophobic rooms with very little support. But 3 years ago, they received the bad news that the owner wanted them to leave to enable him to do other things with the land. Fortunately, they found 2 small houses, later to become 3, in Nongprue which they could move to with their ever increasing family. They now have 38 residents needing constant care and attention and, thankfully, medication for HIV in Thailand is supplied free of charge by the government.

The facilities at their new accommodation were very basic with nowhere to eat or sit and the most recent problem confronting them has been the fact that the houses are not sufficiently large to allow 38 people to sleep and as a consequence, they not only sleep wherever there is space but have had to erect tents, outside, to accommodate everyone.

PSC have been providing food and supplies to Rakpuan for some time now and we were asked if we could possibly help to solve some of the problems. The committee of PSC always relish a challenge so we recruited the help of our friend Nigel Oakes and had an extension designed and built to side of the house, together with chairs and tables, which provides protection against the sun and rain when eating and offers a facility for them to sit and relax.

The only solution to the sleeping problem was to purchase bunk beds, thereby doubling the sleeping area, and mattresses. The lorries arrived, the beds erected and the tents quickly put away, hopefully, never to be used again. Many of the residents had a good nights’ sleep for the first time in many weeks. Life is just that little bit easier now, although a little cramped, and those living at Rakpuan are very grateful for the help of PSC and that of Nigel Oakes for helping with their problems.

If you feel you would like to help Rakpuan with food or funds, please contact the PSC via the contact page.

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