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The Billabong and Sponsors come to The Rescue

Everyone was so excited, for the school was about to start building a new extension, for an additional classroom was planned to make life easier for staff and students alike. But the excitement subsided for the money ran out and a half completed building remained. Not an unfamiliar story unfortunately. The education of children is a prime requirement in any country in the world and Thailand is no exception for there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of schools throughout Thailand.
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Most schools in the city centres are well supported by the local government with new extensions, a roof to cover the playing areas and general support but the staff of small, out of the way schools in small villages must take steps to raise finance to have extensions or improve facilities to benefit the village children. But this is not a simple matter for the children come, generally, from poor families who make their living off the land or supporting local business.

Ban Krasang School is a case in point. Situated just outside Buriram, there facilities have been outgrown by the ever increasing number of children in attendance and they were in desperate need of an additional classroom. They started to build an extension but ran out of money and ended up with the building having a roof that leaked, no flooring and no walls which is a problem when a strong wind accompanied by heavy rain envelopes the children with a fine spray, with dust and dirt whirling around which is no help when the children are studying.

When the extension is completed other items will be required like desks and chairs – but that is a problem for later. They have about 200 children at the school with ages ranging from 5 to 12 years coming from families who can ill afford extra expense and an urgent appeal came to the Billabong, via Miss Sasicha who originates from Krasang, for help which could not be ignored by Sandy and Capt. Bob, and a charity golf day was quickly organized. The fund has been swelled by the generosity of Pattaya Sports Club, KCL Cleaning, Mike Stennett, Bob St. Aubin, Todd and Nok Gibbens, there was also an auction of 2 golf bags and each golfer made a donation of 300 baht. It is anticipated that an amount in excess of 90,000 baht will be raised for this worthwhile cause. So a big thank you goes to the sponsors and all those that have donated to this event and provided for a successful day.
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The Pattaya Sports Club donated 40,000 baht to the Fountain of Life

The Pattaya Sports Club donated 40,000 baht to the Fountain of Life to buy Supplies and stationary for the children under their care.

Social Welfare Chairwoman Noi Emmerson have got the request from The Fountain of Life asking for sponsorship to buy supplies and stationary for the children under their care. The EC approved 40,000 baht to this request.

On February 28, Ingkarat Chaimongkon, General Manager of Pattaya Sports Club and Watcharin Umnuayseri presented a donation of 40,000 baht to Suchitrta somsom and Prajon siriwongjun at Pattaya Sport Club Office.