PSC Charity update


For more than 30 years Pattaya Sports Club have been donating funds to help those in need throughout the area. Mainly children, we have donated funds to the handicapped and the underprivileged covering xxx projects during the last year. Our efforts have recently been rewarded with a prestigious award for our overall efforts and another with our contribution to helping children enjoy their lives with better health and eye sight. The credit does not go to Pattaya Sports Club but the members who have renewed their membership or those that have recently joined for this is where the majority of our income is generated.



Pattaya Sports Club have recently been honoured by being recognised for the help that we have given to the community throughout Pattaya. Each year, on the anniversary of the grand OPENING OF THE Central Festival the General Manager make awards to 10 individuals /groups that have distinguished themselves during the previous 12 months. Thjis year, Pattaya Sports Club were selected to receive this award and the presentation was made, together withe other 9 recipients, in the presence of many guests including the General Manager, the Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh, Thai TV and newspapers.



This school recently had problems with the children’s drinking water when the Health Department of City Hall tested the quality of the water and found that it was not up to standard and closed the system down for further use. A request to Pattaya Sports Club for help was quickly agreed to by the committee and a new system was installed. In addition PSC, Jesters and YWCA were again present at the school to offer an eye test to selected students and prescription glasses were provided to those that needed them. School No. 5 received an award from City Hall for the school that cared the most for their students. The Mayor Itthipole Khunplome presented the award to the director and other teachers and he singled out Pattaya Sports Club with a special with special thanks for their contributions.



To celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s birthday, Pattaya Sports Club was invited to plane a tree ion the grounds of Nongprue City Hall in recognition of all the donations that we have made to supporting the poorer families in the area. The Mayor, Deputy Mayors and invited guests were present to witness our support of the Queen’s Project which is responsible for supporting the elderly in Nongprue.












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