PSC assist ATCC

Pattaya Sports Club assist ATCC with some water issues.

Are the streets of Pattaya really paved with gold? We all know that the answer is NO for life in a big city can be very difficult but that does not stop Thai families and their children, workers from neighbouring countries coming here to seek employment and, hopefully, a better life but others take the less arduous route of crime and exploitation. Add to this, thousands of tourists, some of questionable pedigree, and sadly, children are the most vulnerable group prone to abuse in all its forms.
Fortunately, there are a number of people doing their best to help these children and one in particular, Khun Ja of the Anti-human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre (ATCC) in Nongprue, has for the last 15 years devoted his life to stopping child trafficking and abuse.
He now has 38 children in his care and his Child Protection and Development Life-skill Centre helps the children to acquire skills that will enable them to reintegrate into normal society either here in Pattaya or back home in their local region. You only have to visit the centre to realise the children are happy at the ATCC, they have friends and a home.
Pattaya Sports Club have built up a close relationship with Khun Ja and have helped to finance much of the development at the centre but recently, he has asked PSC to help with a particular problem. With 38 children, both male and female, the toilet and shower facilities had not kept pace with the expansion of the site. The answer was easy for the committee to make and Khun Ja quickly had the boys improving their building skills to erect the buildings.
In a, seemingly, separate issue recently PSC replaced the hundreds of bricks forming the car park at our offices along Third Road but, never missing the opportunity to help those in need, we could see a solution to a problem at ATCC. The boys area is the lowest point of the centre and becomes a quagmire in the rainy season causing many problems for all concerned so replacing the car park was perfect timing for the bricks were transported to ATCC and within hours the boys were hard at it creating walkways to alleviate the water problem and the end result showed the skills the boys have acquired from Khun Ja for a very professional looking job was completed without delay.
March is the time of year that we donate rolls of cotton to various centres to enable them to make new brightly coloured bedding, which was made by Khun Liab in this case, and welcomed by the children. There is nothing quite like new bedclothes to provide a good night’s sleep.
All charities in Pattaya are in need of help to overcome the ongoing problem of providing food, clothes and school uniforms, so if you feel you would like to make a donation of any kind, please contact the PSC via the contact page.


The boys showers are now complete


Khun Ja looks on to supervise the brick laying.


The path is nearly finished but a very professional job.


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