PSC Answer an SOS

The phone call said indicated that our help was desperately needed.
Nongprue Municipality have many families in the area that have a disabled husband, wife or child and they do whatever they can to help with food, clothes or medical care. But occasionally they need help to supply something out of the ordinary.
Khun Phairot ( 49 years old ) had difficulty breathing and was in hospital on a ventilator machine. For the last 4 years, he has been unable to move any part of his body, speak to anyone, eat solids and relies on a machine to clear his lungs and help him breath a little easier. Like all machines, they have a shelf life and his had passed that date and given up. He has now returned home and it is his wife’s responsibility to take care of him.
His caring wife, Khun Jumpe, has to be in attendance at all times, for he cannot be left and desperately needs help 24 hours per day. Nigel and myself, saw, first hand, the problem that existed and nothing gives Pattaya Sports Club more pleasure than to help those in need. Something had to be done so a machine was quickly purchased much to the relief of the family. Nongprue had a word with the suppliers and, with a small discount, we were also able to provide some adult pampers.
As usual, the mayor, Mr Mai Chaiyanit, always happy to show his gratitude, many staff from City Hall and local TV were present to record the handover to the family. The machine was quickly connected and a good days work was complete.

28th June 2013





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