How many times have you read in the newspapers or seen on TV the need to exercise even if it is only a stroll along the beach or walking round a golf course chasing a little white ball. Exercise is even more important for the disabled but for children that are autistic, have down syndrome or those with impaired vision, the opportunities are few and far between. Regular exercise both stimulates and aids muscle control but walking or riding around Pattaya can be dangerous for any of us so alternatives must be made available.

When representatives of PSC visited the Children With Special Needs we noticed a treadmill that was held together with tape and, therefore very dangerous, but it was obvious that these exercise machines were a great help to all the children, who are autistic, helping them to live a more energetic life. It was not difficult to recommend to the committee of PSC that we buy a new treadmill and bicycle which they were happy to agree to.

You may be surprised to learn that blind children enjoy all forms of exercise and some are regularly involved in competitions throughout Thailand and need to train just like any other athlete to avoid injury. Athletics, goalball, swimming and futsal are just a few of the sports enjoyed by children with impaired vision, but those that do not have a competitive nature are also more healthy when they have the opportunity to run, cycle, or swim.

We were asked to provide the children with a treadmill and bicycle, and a visit to see the children convinced us that we had made the correct decision for one young lady, in particular, did not want to come off the treadmill and the smile never left her face. Those that tried the bicycle received instructions for most of them would not know what a bicycle looked like and would never of had the opportunity to use one but there was, very quickly, a queue waiting to try this new toy.

It is important to mention here that this equipment will only be used under supervision but will help the children to a more healthy, active life and we were delighted to see them enjoy using the machines.

A young man getting to know the new toy

The new treadmill

Cycling is unknown to most blind children

This young lady loved every moment

The children are always supervised