Pattaya Sports Club Annual Report



The generosity of members of Pattaya Sports Club is a delightful aspect of being Charity Chairman. Here is but one example. The floods were not quite as bad last year but there was still some extensive damage in many areas none more so than an orphanage in Mai Sot. The 60 or so children saw their personal belongings being washed away together with toys, books and many other items. An appeal was made to the members of Pattaya Sports Club and the response was astonishing. Clothes, toys, food, household items were left at the PSC office sufficient to fill a truck and, in addition, money was donated to help purchase supplies locally. The generosity of the PSC members is in addition to the 3 million baht donated by Pattaya Sports Club during the last financial year bringing the overall total to approximately 3.75 million baht.
Looking through the list of 60 projects, which was completed during the financial year, the causes were many and varied, food supplies, new toilet facilities, water filtration systems installed, scholarships, sports equipment and facilities and many others.
One of the many pleasures of being the Charity Chairman of PSC is the opportunity to meet the most charming, delightful people who run the various centres for, without their dedication and commitment, the centres would not exist. They work tirelessly to offer help and support to both young and old. This is not exclusive to Pattaya but is evident in centres throughout Thailand.
To the benefit of all those in need, co-operation with other groups is so important but always a pleasure when working with Jesters, YWCA, Rotary, TFI., and this has happened so many times this year and long may it continue in the future.
The areas that benefit each year include, centres that are helping those with HIV, children that do not have a family to take care, those with disabilities, children with special needs and many schools that need water, sports equipment or some building extension and many more. The Fr Ray Foundation, Pattaya Orphanage, Hand to Hand, Baan Jing Jai, ATCC, Nongprue Municipality and many others are all recipients of PSC funds and it is an absolute pleasure to see the smiles on the children’s faces of those that have received our halp.
We have been active for many years supporting the handicapped and underprivileged but providing the opportunity for Thai children to play sport is high on our agenda and this year was no exception. Donating funds for the Badminton, Table Tennis and the caddie golf competition have given more than 1500 children the opportunity to play in a competitive environment this last year. Close to 1 million baht has been used to provide children with the chance to play all their favourite sports and we have witnessed this year many Thai champions – the world ladies badminton champion at the age of 18, men’s volley ball team together with an international table tennis player at the age of 14 with a great future ahead of him.
We must extend a big thank you to all Pattaya Sports Club Members who either renew their membership or become members when visiting Pattaya for without them, donations could not be made.

May 2014



Fountain of Life – new toilets with Jesters


ATCC sports equipment with Jesters and TFI.


Camillian Social Centre


Fr. Ray handicap fencing equipment


Karunyawet – home for disabled ladies.


Mushroom Farms with YWCA


National Badminton Championships


Hand To Hand

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