At first glance, a  shooting and archery range seems a strange place to hold a charity event for children who are Autistic or have Down Syndrome. But this is no ordinary range for they have a number of small horses to offer the children the opportunity  to receive hyp- therapy which is an accepted method  to help disabled children to gain balance and co-ordination. Nongprue City Hall go to great lengths to help disabled children and every month they invite a number of them to the range to receive this treatment, have a little food and generally enjoy themselves. Most of the children require one of the parents to be in attendance 24/7 being unable to walk, talk or have controlled movement  which puts serious financial constraints on the family for only one of them are able to go to work and restricts the amount of income coming to the family but this is just one day they can leave home, relax a little and see a smile on their children’s faces.

But once a year, at least 60 children are invited to the range to have a really good day. There are many sponsors involved including, Tesco Lotus, Big C, McDonalds, 5 groups of the Lion Club, Jesters and, of course, Pattaya Sports Club. Food and drinks are provided as is a small financial gift which is given to very child but the remaining funds are used to buy rice and essential supplies plus some medical attention for most of the children require some form of  treatment on a regular basis.

The children have a great time and following  the presentation, there is some music and those children that can, are invited on the stage to let their hair down to dance the morning away.

There are always many guests and this year included  the City Officer of Banglamung, the Mayor of Nongprue, 3 Deputy Mayor’s, representatives from all the Lion Clubs that have contributed, TV and newspapers.



nongprue handicap_1

The first officer of Banglamung opens proceedings.

nongprue handicap_2

The Mayor of Nongprue, his wife and some disabled children.

Some of the very disabled children.

Some of the very disabled children.

nongprue handicap_4

The officials receive the PSC donation.

nongprue handicap_5

All the children receive a small financial gift.

nongprue handicap_6

The children take the opportunity to dance.

nongprue handicap_7

Various foods are available to the visitors.