New Fridge for the Orphanage


Baby sitters and a qualified paediatric nurse are on site 24 hours per day at the Pattaya Orphanage to care for the 70 plus babies under the age of three. There are 25 children under the age of 6 months and when Pattaya Sports Club had an occasion to visit, there were twin girls that had just arrived and were 1 week old. They do not have the benefit of the mother’s milk or receive the love that every child deserves, but the staff care for the children as if they were their own. The numbers rarely change for there is always a request from a hospital somewhere asking if they could accept another child. No child is ever turned away.

Cleanliness and health issues are paramount and anyone entering the nursery must wash with an antiseptic gel and have their temperature taken as a safeguard. Good quality and well preserved food is so important which was the subject of a conversation that Khun Toy had with Pattaya Sports Club for they were given two second hand refrigerators, so long ago that they could not remember when, which were almost ready for that happy retirement home on the scrap metal site. One had given up completely and the other was not far away. It was obvious that a new refrigerator was essential.

Pattaya Sports Club never turns down the opportunity to help Khun Toy and the Pattaya Orphanage so a new large refrigerator was ordered and delivered much to the excitement of the staff. The babies did not take too much notice but they will certainly benefit from food that will remain fresh and uncontaminated.

On the day the refrigerator was delivered Rick Bevington just happened to have 5 bicycles that he had completely overhauled, kindly donated these for the children to use around the centre. The children who could ride or wanted to ride, appreciated the gift and there were smiles all around.

With 160 children at the orphanage they always welcome donations of food, clothes or money so if you feel that you could help in any way please contact Pattaya Sports Club on 038 361167. Rick is always looking for bicycles that are no longer being used and is happy to collect these from a local address if need be,

The fridge from PSC and 5 bicycles donated by Rick Bevington.

The old fridge long past its’ sell by date

The new fridge will make all the difference.

Tiring for the staff. The children want to play all day.

There are always babies to take care of.

The staff treat the babies as their own.

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