Growing mushrooms is not an earth shattering event for we have been eating mushrooms for centuries – or so I have been told. But Khun Noy the President of YWCA was introduced to the idea of ‘mushroom farms’ and, being a lady to seize every opportunity to help those in need, the seed of an idea developed to help schools not only to grow mushrooms, but to grow them in such quantities that they are able to provide fresh vegetables to the children at lunchtime and to offer the surplus to the families of the children at a cheaper price than they could buy them at the local market. The children have vegetables picked that day, the families benefit and they will accumulate sufficient funds to replenish the mushroom spoors. More than 20 local schools have, with the help of Pattaya Sports Club, Rotary and Jesters have taken advantage of this initiative.

But where to go from here? Inspired by the philosophy of His Majesty the Kings ‘sufficient economy’, with the help of Pattaya City Hall, and those mentioned above, a Mushroom Learning Centre has been established at School No. 7 to be a centre of learning to enable schools, various centres and the general public how to look after and develop mushroom farms into a thriving cottage business. A professor from the Chandrakasem Rajabhat University Business Centre will visit every month to help those attending to develop mushroom farms to provide additional income with information on how to sell the product to hotels, markets, restaurants etc. and how to grow many varieties of mushrooms.

The centre was opened on the 5th June with many guests in attendance including the Mayor of Pattaya, Khun Itthipole Khunplome, to formally open the centre. Many stalls had been set up to show the versatility of mushrooms. Most of us thought mushrooms were only for eating but Thais take advantage of everything that surrounds their everyday lives and we witnessed, mushroom drinks, skin creams and other products with mushrooms as the base ingredient.

It is amazing how quickly the mushrooms grow with so little effort and one thing is certain, this is a scheme that will develop very quickly for the benefit of many people.


8th June 2014



Young Thai dancers entertain the guest



Many students are invited to see what is happening.



Pattaya Mayor and guests open the ‘mushroom farm’


Mushroom spoors are in place.


The mushrooms grow very quickly.



YWCA, PSC in front of one of the many ‘farms’.