Khopai School


When I visited the area around Pattaya Tai – Soi 1 8 years ago, I couldn’t help but notice the terrible conditions in which slum families lived and in particular the children. The financial situation here is such that the adults have no alternative but to go to work and the children are left with no proper care and are left in many cases to fend for themselves and, therefore, had no control or guidance.
I felt in my heart that I had to help in some small way and decided to start a kindergarten to take care of these children, to provide pre-school education and to ensure that they had at least one good meal per day.
That was 8 years ago. We started with just 10 children and our reputation grew to such an extent that the number has now increased to 60.
But during the last year or so, the owners of the land made a request that they would like to run the centre themselves and at the end of 2012, we agreed. We are happy that during the 8 years, the centre has improved beyond all recognition, the lives of the local people have improved and that of the children that have passed through our hands during the 8 years.
The school will operate the same system as before, same premises and teachers and I am sure the children will not be worse off in any way.
The Seaton Foundation would like to thank all our sponsors for their help and generosity during this period.
1. Seaton Foundation.
2. PILC.
3. Christian Group.
4. Pattaya Sports Club.
5. Mixx Club Pattaya.
6. Pattaya Street Kids.

Best regards
Sukanya (Pim) Seaton
CEO/Seaton Foundation

An away day for the children.

A visit to the museum

Khun Pim, staff and some of the children.

A little rest after a hard day.

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