House in Nongprue

Pattaya Sports Club Charity Update.

It was once a field now a built up area

60 years ago Nongprue, like Pattaya, was an open expanse of land with very few buildings or roads. This is when Khun Mut, now 81 years old, built his house in the middle of nowhere. Things have changed dramatically since then but not for the better as far as this house is concerned for a big ongoing problem has emerged. It does not take a large sum of money to help families in need. The families regular income comes from collecting items that can be sold for recycling and if you have nothing of value, a few thousand baht can go a long way to easing the burden of everyday life and is so welcome by the family. As was the case recently. Nongprue Municipality asked Pattaya Sports Club to help a family of 6, three generations, living in cramped conditions in Nongprue. The problem concerned the living/sleeping area which accumulated water at an alarming rate during the rainy season making sleeping impossible. The house had been built by Khun Mut and was built in the middle of a field but, since then, drains had been installed along the road and below the house. Other homes have been built either side and behind and at a higher level, the end result being that the floor had cracked and water seeped through the floor, to a level of about 6 inches, causing so many problems and many sleepless nights. Pattaya Sports Club was asked to help and we met a surveyor, on site, who said that, it in his opinion, the situation would only worsen and the solution was to raise and strengthen the floor – easier said than done perhaps. Hard core had been donated but a local builder but sand and cement were now required and, with the help of Pattaya Sports Club, these were purchased and delivered. Friends, neighbours and relatives rallied around to help and within just a few days the work was completed. The family will now have somewhere dry to sleep come the rainy season.



The Mayor of Nongprue and Khun Mut thank PSC


Hard-core was donated by a local builder.



 Everyone chips in to help.


 Life goes on amongst the rubble.


Finished at last.


Khun Mut can rest happily now.

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