I am sure everyone will agree that the opportunity to receive an education is essential for children and in Thailand education is available to every child from the age of 5 to 16. But there are problems for many come from poor families and, because of financial constraints, put the family under financial pressure.

School uniforms are compulsory and, although there is some help from the government, buying what is required for each child is sometimes distressing for the families with very little income. Fortunately, some organizations provide funding for scholarships, something that the Pattaya Sports Club has been doing since the scheme started.

We have joined forces with the YWCA for The Happy Families Scholarship Scheme which has been running for many years and has helped hundreds of children complete their education.

In addition to the uniforms mentioned above, classroom, sport and boy scout uniforms, books, learning resources, school activity fees and travel expenses are required. Students are chosen by the school officials based in their desire to study, good moral character plus qualifying financial circumstances.

Every year, a presentation is made to the students that receive support and this year was no exception. Tony Oakes and myself were in attendance together with many members of YWCA, Rotary, the Deputy Mayor – Ronnakit Ekasing and many others. Education does not, necessarily, stop at age 16 for there were some children who had the opportunity to advance to university.

We will continue this support for as long as required and is heart-warming to know that with the support of PSC at least some children are able to continue and finish their education.

Presentation by Tony and William.

The ladies of YWCA.

The children wait patiently

Guests and children attending the presentation