Growling Swan Help Mercy Pattaya

Members of the Pattaya Sports Club are fully aware of the problems that exist for the underprivileged and handicapped in Pattaya and many PSC venues, not only support the clubs stance on this subject, but have risen to the challenge by raising funds in order that they may make donations to those that have very little to call their own, including a family to support them.

The conventional method of raising money is to have a charity golf day but The Growling Swan have adopted a different strategy during their regular golf days. Fines are imposed for the smallest indiscretion like arriving late, forgetting shoes or socks, hitting the ball into the water or perhaps going to the wrong golf course, demands a contribution to Deefa The Dog who is the guardian to this treasure. Nobody objects to fines that are imposed and, although they are quite small, it is amazing that such a substantial sum can be generated each year.

Such was the situation recently and after contacting Pattaya Sports Club it was agreed that a new trampoline be purchased for the Mercy Pattaya much to the delight of the children.

The Mercy Pattaya are now situated close to route 36, have 30 children in their care, visit slums on a regular basis and have approximately 250 children receiving help to enable them to continue their education.

The Growling Swan are a friendly crowd who play from Soi Chayaphun on Tuesdays and Thursdays and welcome anyone that would like to join them. Contact Peter Blackburn for more information on 0806351386.





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