Father Ray Children’s Home


Children all over the world are obsessed with playing football. We have all seen children the world over on TV, playing football on whatever surface is available, in bare feet which brings a slight shiver to most of us.

Children in Thailand are no different and that applies to those at the Father Ray Children’s Home in Nongprue. Every opportunity is spent on the sports field trying to emulate their favourite players and many of them show some remarkable skills dribbling past an opponent like Ronaldo or Messi. Many of the older boys play in the school or local teams and last year were invited to attend the ThaiBev Chang-Everton Football Academy in Bangkok.

The home is now putting together a team of under 14s but they play in trainers or their school shoes which is the shortest route to ruined footwear. A request was made to Pattaya Sports Club to buy 18 pairs of boots which was quickly agreed by the PSC Committee. The older ones amongst us used to play in brown, almost hobnailed boots, with something close to steel toecaps and were extremely heavy, particularly when wet, but that is not so today. They are almost like slippers, made of soft, lightweight material, in the most amazing colours imaginable. The boys could not be happier and everyone was looking forward to seeing the colour that was allocated to him and each one was greeted with the shout of delight.
But what is happening on April 5th? Everton play Arsenal. You might ask ‘what is the connection to the Father Ray Children’s Home? The theme for the day will be Thailand and Beu, a 12 year old 5 foot nothing lad will take a penalty on the field in Nongprue against one of the older boys and this will be relayed to the ground in Liverpool for all the thousands of fans to see.

The boys cannot wait to try their new equipment and are convinced that their game will improve and, perhaps, win the local league and we wish them the best of luck.

Some more happy faces

Big smiles waiting patiently to see their new boots

A little shy but liked the colour

Pink boots? They will not go unnoticed

His shorts are colour co-ordinated with the boots

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