Bunker Boys Donated Rice

Bunker Boys Deliver 1 tonne of Rice to Pattaya Orphanage
The 8th John Preddy Memorial Charity Golf Tournament was held at the end of November 2013 which raised 23,000 Baht, and it was decided to use these funds to respond to a recent appeal for rice issued by the Pattaya Orphanage. The orphanage takes care of 850 underprivileged children and students with disabilities, and each year 75,000 kilos of rice is needed to feed the hungry mouths. On Saturday 4th January, representatives from the Bunker Boy’s golf society delivered 1,000 kilos of rice to the orphanage which was gratefully received by the staff and children. Special thanks are due to the tournament sponsors, Indophil Resources, DHL, KPK Foods, The Ranch, Jim and Donald Preddy and individual sponsors.

The donated rice being delivered to the Pattaya Orphanage

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