Bikes for Tykes

Bikes for Tykes is now a permanent fixture during the month of February for Rick Bevington, at school Nos. 7 &. 4 and has been for the past 9 years.

It was 2004 that Rick started this scheme donating just 4 bicycles to deserving children. Pattaya Sports Club came on board a year or two later. The numbers have now increased and 30 bicycles will be presented to students at school number 7 and school number 4 this year. With the teachers help, a number of students are selected to receive a bicycle based on the child coming from a poor family, is unable to afford a motorcycle or any other form of transport and may, therefore, have many kilometres to walk to and from school every day. The other requirement is that the cycles are awarded for achievements in their school work, again decided by the teachers.

Before they are presented, Rick, dismantles them to make sure that everything is in working order and is safe to ride. In addition, they receive a helmet and padlock and are urged to be very careful and observe the rules of the road. Rick is searching the stores in the City for the right models and the right price well before Christmas and Pattaya Sports Club are delighted to be a partner in this venture. PSC’s contribution does not cover the entire cost of these machines for Rick’s contribution, monetarily and physically, is astonishing.

But everyone in Pattaya can help to enlarge this scheme. Many families will have purchased cycles for their children over the years which they have now grown out of, are now broken or rusty and are lying around using up valuable space around the house. But what do you do with them? Simple, let Rick have them. Here is an example of what can be achieved. Rick can use the parts from one bicycle to repair another, a little paint and we now have a machine that can be used for the benefit of another student. Don’t be concerned about how to get them to Rick for he will pick them up in his truck. Please contact the PSC via the contact page.

The children are waiting patiently

The Tour De France next perhaps?

The helmets are in place,

This is what Rick received.

Yes, it is the same bicycle after the Rick treatment.

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