Bikes for Tykes 2014

Do you have a bicycle that is no longer being used?

Witnessing the smile on children’s faces when they receive something new is wonderful and is the only reward that Rick Bevington is looking for (there is never a lack of smiles when Rick is around) when helping underprivileged children in Pattaya.

Every year for the past 10 years, he has purchased approximately 30 bicycles, with some help from Pattaya Sports Club, to present to deserving children in schools Nos. 4 and 7. Even though they are new machines, they are subjected to the Bevington scrutiny for he, virtually, dismantles them, puts them together again to ensure that everything operates perfectly particularly the brakes. Many of the children come from poor families and are unable to afford a motorbike or the fare for a baht bus and have to walk many kilometres every day. With this situation in mind, the teachers recommend to Rick the children that they feel would benefit from having a bicycle but particular attention is paid to those that have made big strides in their school work during the year and are, therefore, deserving of the help given by Rick. The school turn out to welcome the Rick and PSC and the school band play the national anthem.

A recent addition to this routine occurred when an appeal for cycles that are no longer in use, yielded 4 second hand machines for him to present to a centre of his choice but not before these also were subjected to the Bevington overhaul to ensure they were safe enough to be presented.
A recommendation by Pattaya Sports Club saw Rick arriving at the CPDC in Huay Yai to the delight of the younger children who were overjoyed with their new toys and one particular young lady would not be separated from her cycle and this exercise just proves what can be achieved when making good use of items, bicycles in this case, that are no longer being used.

Rick always provides helmets and padlocks with each machine and insists that the children are aware of how important it is to use their helmets at all times. He is thinking of the future and hoping that they get into the habit of using helmets particularly when they are at an age when they have a motorbike.

Do you have a bicycle that is no longer being used and is in the way, to allow Rick the opportunity to make full use of it for the benefit of a child in need. If so, please contact the PSC via the contact page.

The school turn out to welcome the guests

The band play the national anthem

Rick with two of the younger recipients

Children of varying ages are nominated by the school

The smile says it all

A little help is sometimes needed

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