Bikes 4 Tykes

Who is smiling now

As Christmas came to a end Rick shaved that white beard of his off and jumped into that phone booth and became Bikes4Tykes Khun Rick. It was now time to get bikes ready for waiting kids, as a Santa he would show up at Christmas parties, in return they would donate new or used bikes for his time. It was now time to get these bikes ready for needy kids, as there is nothing worse than a bike rusting away.

While talking to William Macey he told Rick that he was heading to see Kuhn Toy from the Pattaya Orphange with a donationl and Rick had 6 bikes looking for some exercise and what a great place to solve this problem. Then it was after a talk with Bernie from Care for kids at the PSC Christmas party that he heard about Khao Bi Sri a home for kids that are mentaly challenged. Bernie had said there was a pile of bikes in all states of disrepair and off they went to have a look. True to his words there was a pile and after a talk with Kuhn Boonchu Rick started to load the first batch of bikes to take home and repair and then after they were working he returned with a load of working bikes much to the enjoyment of the kids there and returning home with a fresh load, by the time he was done there was 28 bikes ready to be used again. Then a talk with Noi Emmerson asked me about some bikes as she was heading out with some donation for some more needy 3 more bikes where on there way.

It was now time to get down to his main program of handing new bikes with helmits, bells and locks along with a safety talk to a total of 32 bikes to school #4, Nong Gate Yai and Nong Gate Noi, and in return he got his just reward of smiles. Rick now heads back to see Kuhn Toy again this time he has 4 more bikes but that’s not all, after a donation of a 6 speed bike and side car it was now time to strip and paint them yellow and red as this will show up in the St. Paddys day parade sorry no green. Rick will be heading back to Canada for the summer but will be back late Sept.

If any buddy has a bike sitting around in any shape Rick know some one that will be happy to give it some exercise, if you would like to help, contact and donations can be made at the Pattaya Sports Club
Cr. Rick Beavington





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