Baan Jing Jai Need Help

There are many orphans and abandoned children in and around Pattaya, a situation that prompted Khun Piengta to open a small orphanage in 1997. Just a few children to start but Khun Piengta cannot turn away any child that is in need of help and the numbers have increased steadily to 78 both young and a little older. They occupy 3 small houses along Nern Plubwan which can only be described as cramped conditions with a very little area for the children to play. No space to study or worse still, if a child is sick there is no room for isolation. Not an ideal situation and a purpose built home with room for the children to move is obviously preferred.

A dream too far perhaps ? But a fully fledged foundation was formed in 2011 with a committee of 6 to oversee activities and to investigate the possibility of finding a new home. They discovered a site just off route 36 and, after a big effort, raised the funds to buy the site and with the help of various sponsors, developed the funds to the point were building could commence.

A ceremony took place in 2012 when a token stone was laid to the delight of all those present. Development has started but has slowed somewhat recently for lack of funds. This is where the help is needed.

Khun Piantah and her staff take great care of the children providing them with a loving, caring environment but they are in desperate need of a new home to provide more space for everything that children need to develop plus clothes, books, toys and, of course, food for you can imagine how much a growing child needs for the their bodies to develop.

If you can donate funds or any of the items mentioned above that your children have grown out of please contact Pattaya Sports Club on 038 361 167.

Ban Jing Jai 01

2 small houses for 45 children

Ban Jing Jai 02
The bigger house for 33 children and offices.

Ban Jing Jai 03
The play area for 78 children.

Ban Jing Jai 04
A little cramped in the eating area.

Ban Jing Jai 05
Some of the children.

Ban Jing Jai 06
One of the younger residents.


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